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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
National rank 349
Date of birth 1096
Residence Svealand
Sex Male
Political party Flashback Sweden
Newspaper Messages in a bottle
Military unit The Swedish Military
Regiment Pansartrupperna
Rank Icon rank Major**.png Major**

JoakimVonAnka is an swedish player born Day 1,096 of the New World (Nov 20, 2010). He is active in the military, economy and the political side of the game. After a break under the christmas 2010, he became a Congress member for Folkhemsdemokraterna. After the election he left Folkhemsdemokraterna and joined Flashback Sweden.


When JoakimVonAnka reached experince level 20 he started he's first company. After that he started 3 more companies.


After the chrismas break he became more active in the politics. He joined Folkhemsdemokraterna and won the congress election shortly after. After four month in Folkhemsdemokraterna, he left Folkhemsdemokraterna and joined Flashback Sweden.


JoakimVonAnka have been a part of the The Swedish Military since a long time. He was a Rekryt until March, after that he became a Fallskärmsjägare. The Swedish Military reorganized and now he is an member of the platoon Pansartrupperna.