Joe Hitman

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Joe Hitman

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Irish Citizen Army.png
Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth 7th January 2010
Date of death Unkown
Sex Male
Newspaper The South eArmagh Times
Congress member of Ireland
25th of June 2010 – 25th of July 2010
25th of February 2011 – 25th of March 2011
Party president of Independent Labour Party
5th of May 2011 – 5th of June 2011
Preceded by Bassy
Succeeded by Patrick O'leary
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Joe Hitman was a citizen of Ireland.

With his first gold Joe had established his newspaper The eSouth Armagh Times to which he had a promising start and a moments absence to which he had returned with the hope of a literature reveal. Joe Hitman was also the brainchild and one of the founders of the ICA and has been an active member of its military till the merger with other Irish defence forces to make the Irish Army. In December 2009 he co-founded Roisin Dubh organization.


Joe Hitman's first joined The Labour Party under the guidance of Irishbhoy1967. He would rise through the ranks and serve his first TD term for Labour. He would later takeover left wing rivals the Irish Social Democrats and turn them into Eire Nua in an attempt to show protest for the anti-republican leanings of labour at the time. From that party he mounted a for the lulz presidential campaign from which he gained much criticism for deducting votes from other presidential candidate Orangejuicemmm.

The wipe of Ireland had forced Joe Hitman to join the Sons of Eireann from which he would try to run for td again only to lose out by 1 vote. He had however ran a successful campaign following month gaining his 2nd Congress seat of the Northeast of Ireland in February.

Joe Hitman succeeded Lucky Slevin as the Party president of the Independent Labour Party on the 5th of May 2011 getting 47.37% of the votes.


Joe Hitman had a successful military career. He would hold the in organisation rank of commander of the ICA till it disbanded leading it on several occasions fittingly the beginning to the end. He would make effective use of the communes put in place by others.

Joe Hitman was a low level soldier in the Irish Army with hope of raising through the ranks to lead them to glory.