John Locked

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John Locked

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John Locked.jpg
Nationality Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentinian
National rank 41
Date of birth 05.02.2009 - Day 443
Residence South East Chaco
Sex Male
Political party ISD Izquierda Socialdemocrata
Newspaper Le eMonde Diplomatique


John Locked is a former President of the Czech Republic. He is now a citizen of Argentina.


John Locked is currently employed by The King of Weapons.

John Locked has currently earnt 15 Hard Worker achievements.


John Locked has reached the military rank of Field Marshal

John Locked has currently earnt 4 Super Soldier achievements.


John Locked is a member of ISD Izquierda Socialdemocrata.

John Locked has spent 8 terms in Congress.

John Locked was elected as President of Czech Republic in February 2010.


John Locked owns the newspaper Le eMonde Diplomatique.