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Johny Gomez

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Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
Date of birth 12 December 2008 - Day 388
Date of death December 2009
Residence Maharashtra
Sex Male
Congress member of Singapore
Party president of RoE
16th May 2009 – 16th June 2009
Congress member of Estonia
Congress member of Austria
26th July 2009 – 26th August 2009
Secretary of Defense of Pakistan
6th November 2009 – 16th November 2009
Vice president of Pakistan
5th November 2009 – 9th November 2009
Party president of Pakistani Republic Party
President of Pakistan
9th November 2009 – 5th December 2009
Succeeded by BGBW
Military rank Icon General.jpg V1 General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Jun 02, 2009 Johny Gomez was citizen of Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan, Icon-Austria.png Austria, Icon-Estonia.png Estonia, Icon-Singapore.png Singapore and Icon-USA.png USA. He was born in USA, although his birth region is classified. His death by permanent banning was discovered in December 2009.

The Gomez report was the newspaper owned and published by Johny Gomez.


When Icon-Singapore.png Singapore was added in February 2009, Johny helped out with donations to create the second party - Inner Power of Singapore Party. He was elected in the Congress on one occasion.


Johny_Gomez become citizen of Icon-Estonia.png Estonia in April 2009, when country was added to eRepublik, and he become actively involved in Estonian political life.

He was elected on several occasions in the Congress and ultimately he become party president of RoE on May 16, 2009.

On day 557 (May 30, 2009) he announced that he is the candidate for the presidential elections[1].

Although making a good platform, he lost 232-36 against S33vald, who is a native Estonian.


His next stop was Icon-Austria.png Austria. Again, he joined Austrian Conservative Party and was elected in Congress of Austria.


In September 2009 he moved to Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan.

He was the Acting President Of Pakistan due to the death of Pakistan President Glade thankfully of an Admin Ban.

He was also Secretary Of Defense and was Vice President before he assumed the office of Acting President until next Presidential Elections.