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02:43, 23 May 2015
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Nationality Flag-UK.jpg British
National rank 60
Date of birth October 16 2009 (Day 696)
Residence Flag-United Kingdom.jpg London
Political party BWP.pngUKWP
Newspaper Lewis-Wales.jpgChronicles of Caligula
Congressmen of London
26th March 2011 – Current
Military unit Ultramarines
Regiment Ultramarines | (British) Marines
Position Marine
Rank Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png Lt Colonel**

Julius Caligula (16 October 2009 - Present) is a British citizen, former Prime Minister and current Congressmen from London; soldier, among many other titles, claims, and involvement. He currently resides in Icon-United Kingdom.png London, United Kingdom as a member of the 7th Armoured Division and the party United Kingdom Worker's Party.

History-48.png History

Julius Caligula, was born Day 696 of the New World, in Canada. He quickly joined Seal Team 6 he served with ST6 for several months before losing appeal to the game. He moved to Hungary where he lived just working and nothing else for a period of two months, before slowly retention creep-ed up on him and he quit the game. Over a several month period he never came to the game, before rejoining the game, and moving to Canada. He then lived and worked there for most of his living life, winning several Congress medals, and taking many jobs in the government during his stay there. He also had several brief periods where he lived in Ireland and USA, before finally ending up in the United Kingdom.

Once in the UK, he quickly joined the political party Every Single One, and the national military, the British Armed Forces under the Royal Parachute Regiment. Following the March 25th Congress Elections, Julius won a Congress Seat under his party, with a minor 8 votes, which is the office he currently holds. On April 5th, Julius left the British Armed Forces to join the militia Ultramarines whom were just expanding into the United Kingdom. During the Congress term, Julius began to discover the inactivity among the party, and left to join the British Worker's Party, where he currently resides.

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif Economy

Julius has bought and/or made many companies since he joined the game, the companies he has owned range from being in China, Canada, Ireland, USA, and the United Kingdom. He currently maintains all of them in United Kingdom, spread out among the Iron, Grain, Weapons, and Food industries.

Icon achievement congressman on.gif Politics

Julius has been in political parties in several countries, ranging from the Libertarian Party and Federalist Party in United States, and Democratic Action League and Canadian Empire Party in Canada. Overall he has been in political parties in four countries in his political career being in an estimated 12 parties. He is currently a member of the British Worker's Party political party in the United Kingdom and holds a Parliament Seat from London.

Supersoldier2.gif Military

Julius has joined 3 armies and 5 militias since he joined the game ranging from Seal Team 6, The Crimson Order to Canadian Armed Forces, British Armed Forces and 7th Armoured Division. He is currently a member of the 7th Armoured Division.

Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif Media

Julius owns a newspaper titled the Chronicles of Caligula, with over 1000 subscribers his paper is largely unused now as he has fallen out of the public eye and works more from forum and IRC environment.

Passport.png Travels

Julius has been a citizen of the following countries :


Julius has resided in the following countries :


Julius wishes to visit the following countries :

Julius's Residences
A map of all the places where Julius has lived on eRepublik.

     : Citizenship Held
     : Passed Through
     : Wishes to visit one day

Icon skill manufacturing.gif Achievements

Icon skill architect.png In-Game Skills

Economy Skill
12 Guru*** (439,333/640,000)
2,340.84 (2,340/2,500)
Military rank (Lt. Colonel**)
Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png (195,175/224,999)
(as of April 09, 2011)

Trophy.png Medals

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif Hard Worker (x10)
Last Awarded: Day 1226
Icon achievement congressman on.gif Congress member (x3)
Last Awarded: MP from London
Icon achievement president on.gif Country President (x1)
Prime Minister of Canada in January 2011
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif Media Mogul (x1)
Awarded at 1,000 Subscribers
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif Battle Hero (x8)
Last BH acquired in Iran
Icon achievement campaignhero off.gif Campaign Hero (x0)
Icon achievement resistance off.gif Resistance Hero (x0)
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif Super Soldier (x9)
Last SS acquired at 2,250 strength
Icon achievement society builder off.gif Society Builder (x0)
8/10; 8 persons invited
Icon achievement wiki on.gif Wiki Rewards (x1)
Lasted awarded the month of August 2010
Party president stb.jpg Party President (x2)
Last PP in CHAOS
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