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Nationality Flag-Germany.jpg German
National rank 57
Date of birth June 17, 2009 - Day 574 of the New World
Residence Saarland
Political party Patriotische Partei Deutschlands
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Kallikrates was born on June 17, 2009 (Day 574) in Germany, the homeland of his real-life ancestors. He was a lost and confused for the first two weeks of his life, that was until he grew adjusted to the aftermath of the recent war with Sweden. Then from the beginning of July he became a contributing member of Germany as he best as he could.

During World War III he was an opponent of Germany joining PEACE GC as he did not see any 'defense' in the conquest of Canada and the USA. He actually moved to Canada once during the war to help support the nation that once was a friend of Germany. He stated his disapproval of PEACE in his news articles, but was quickly taught the error of his thinking by some veterans of Germany and eventually became silent on the matter of PEACE. He was neither a proponent or opponent when Germany was finally allowed to join PEACE GC.

After PEACE GC dissolved and Phoenix arose in the turmoil afterward Kallikrates no longer cared for whether if the alliance Germany was in was defensive or offensive, but only cared if Germany and its allies was intact. He does what he can during the current near stalemate of World War IV by working for a low wage to produce weaponry for his fellow German citizens.

Political Career

The first party he became of a member of was the Buergerliche Union (NBU). Due to his inexperience in politics he could do nothing during the political takeover by the Polish. It wasn't until the next month, August, that he had the needed experience to run for a seat in Congress. He did so in an attempt to help oust the Polish Congress members. He was, of course, not elected due to the number of German citizens with more experience then him in addition to that the main goal was to eliminate the Polish infiltrators.

It was also during August that he switched political parties to Adler Partei Deutschlands (APD). This was not by choice though as the NPD was actually renamed. Kallikrates remained a member of the APD until Poland conquered Germany in December. At which time Kallikrates moved to Germany's ally, Russia. After some successful resistance wars in Polish held German regions he moved back and immediately joined Patriotische Partei Deutschlands (PPD). He ran for congress for the PPD during the February elections in the region of Bavaria but lost.

Military Career

Due to limited funds and his lifestyle Kallikrates has taken his time in moving up the ranks of the Germany military. His limited funds reduced him to either fighting with low quality weapons or with no weapons at all. It is due to this that he only recently achieved the rank of General. He still has a while to go before he can be consider a German tank, but with each passing day that goal comes closer as he slowly moving up the ranks of veteran German citizens.