Kao Man

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God Emperor Dio Brando of the Crescent and Star This user is a proud Dioist.

He/She has been blessed by Dio.

Kao Man

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Nationality Flag-Iran.jpg Iranian
Date of birth May 27, 2011, Day 1285
Date of death 2011
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Newspaper Sassie
Rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain

Early Life

Before he born in erepublik with this account he had 2 another accounts. one of them died after get banned. the name of that account was : Sun Jian. it registerd around the day of 600 of New World. the other one name was General Cao. after he got banned he really don't want to register again but ...

he was a member of Erepublik game before. so he do know how to Level up himself fast. he got 500 XP in a week. he born when the 3 Missions of Defend your Land was on Mission Archive and grow up fast.

For Love & Honor

Love & Honor Symbole Heart means Love and Fire means Honor

The Prices in some countries were cheap and In Monetary Market Currency was cheaper then Gold. first he started to "Buy and Sell" some Products and he benefit. then he Analyzed the Markets and find the problem that why the prices are Low. because of Job Offers in Job Market. Offers in Job Market were Low so it Trace on Monetary Market, Market and economy. so he decided to create an outgame unit and worked on other countries to weak their economy. he named his group as "Love & Honor".

Persian Army

On 10th June he Joined 3rd Persian Army Military unit. he used to be very on time for everything in their Military unit. but due to being just a prisoner in that Military Unit he resign from that Military Unit on Day 1312, 24th June/2011.