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Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Karnataka
Map of the region
Original owner Flag-India.jpg India
Capital Bangalore
Language English
Moving zone B4
Last update '

Karnataka is a region of India. Currently, it is occupied by Albania. It's capital is Bangalore.


Karnataka is neighbored by following regions:


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Karnataka was first captured from India by Pakistan during the Beta era. India retook some of their regions from Pakistan during the Indian Independence War. On February 2009, Indonesia got Karnataka by PTO'ing India and making them retreat their regions. Romania almost conquered it from the Indonesians at April-May 2009, but was turned back at Andhra Pradesh. Karnataka stayed in Indonesian control as their only high iron region until USA conquered it at December 2009.

Currently, Karnataka is held by China.


Bangalore was a city barely inhabited until the arrival of the V1, which introduced the raw materials. Karnataka became a High Iron region, thus gaining major importance in the world view. This caused many people to move to Karnataka, to be able to enjoy its thriving economy.