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General Information
Country Flag-Finland.jpg Finland
Abbreviation KL
Forum [1]
Founded 27th of November 2011
Dissolved Unknown
Congress Occupancy 0 seats / 0%
Succeeds PippeliPojat
Succeeded By Kendos Kyrv'a' Party
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Authoritarian
Logo of the preceding party - PippeliPojat

Kauppaliitto (Trade Federation) was a center-right, authoritarian party in Finland. In May 2013 it was ranked 4th with 79 members.

Principles and policies

"Wealth is power" epitomizes the creed of Kauppaliitto. The central thesis was that economically strong individuals form a strong nation. Although the focus of eRepublic lies within the never-ending warfare, it was all based on money in the form of training expenses and cost of food and weaponry.

The state should motivate its citizen to achieve self-sufficiency via education and subsidies. Elementarily this means the ability to produce (or, if more economical, to trade for) one's daily bread, while the ultimate goal is to afford maximum strength training while still producing a surplus of weapons and food.

As a party Kauppaliitto was extremely nonintefering. Each member was free and encouraged to form and express his or her own opinions.


Kauppaliitto was founded on day 1468 by Jorma Ollila. The founding manifesto is available in eRepublik media. In mere three weeks the membership rose from 20 to 70, securing the party a position in Top 5 parties in Finland - a position it has retained ever since.

Party Presidents and Congress Members

Year Date Party President Congress Members
2011 December Jorma Ollila 8
2012 January 9
February 7
March Rasti 3
April 3
May Ruben Lagus 6
June 5
July 3
August Citizen Mu 10
September 8
October 6
November Jorma Ollila 4
December Hailuotolainen 7
2013 January 6
February Aaltoliike 0 (wipe)
March Zacharia Raven 4
April Ruben Lagus 0 (wipe)
May 7
June Koivis 7
July Aaltoliike 0 (wipe)