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Nationality Flag-UK.jpg British
National rank 130
Date of birth Day 1046
Residence Wales
Political party United Kingdom Reform Party
Newspaper KCIRP times

Kcirp had a boring start to erepublik life untill running for congress in wales twice in october and november 2010, allthough he was not an official candidate due to the fact that he didnt know about the eUK forums, around december 2010 kcirp went inactive, upon his return in January kcirp discoveered the eUK forums and IRC, on 25th January 2011, kcirp was elected congressman for North east of england. In Febuary he repeated this and was elected once again into congress in the North east of england. during this term kcirp started to get involved in the citizenship committee.

Kcirp missed the March congress elections however ran again in April however he failed to get in due to ATO operations, In may kcirp ran for congress once again and this time narrowly won.

Outside of congress kcirp has had some experience in goverment, being twice involved in the MoHA and once an ambassador to Iran Indonesia China Japan Pakistan and India however half way during the term kcirp started to experience virus problems and was forced to resign his position.

After taking a short break from erepublik to concentrate on real life he returned in november 2011 to find UKRP in ruins, kcirp became a congressman on 25 November and Party President on 15th December and is now stirring up activity among the party's younger members in an attempt to revive the party.