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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 44
Date of birth August 12, 2008
Residence Ontario, Canada
Faith Atheist
Military unit Canadian Armed Forces
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kelso73 is a citizen of eRepublik currently living in eCanada. He was born a goon in the occupied country of Israel within Turkey. While growing up he became a supporter of Israel independence. Eventually, he left Israel for Canada for a better life...

Early life

Kelso73 was born on August 12, 2008 in the Turkish-occupied country of Israel.He was brought to the game under the influence of goons. Although, he grew up after the diaspora of the goons from Turkey and Greece, there was still some influence brought on by them. He became a Turkish nationalist. After witnessing atrocity after atrocity to the Jewish people, he decided to help them and then repulsed the Turkish nationalist idea and became a sympathizer for the Jewish people even when being criticized for his actions by goons.

He went on to join "The Jewish Unity Party" and promoted the idea of a free-Israel after the release of V1. Claiming that no amount of time could keep Israel form being free and part of the New World once again.

After Release


Finland began their Resistance soon after the release of V1. Kelso73 moved to Finland to study the Resistance war and the war module. He fought four times for the Resistance then a peculiar thing happened. He was working in Western Finland when Eastern Finland was liberated. Since Western Finland was still under control of [[Norway], he was earning NOK (Norwegian currency). He could not spend NOK because there was no trade between the recently liberated country of Finland and Norway. The NOK he earned could also not be exchanged for FIM (Finnish currency) because of the lack of banks. His money was essentially useless. Finding a job in Finland was tough as well since there was little industry in the newly free country. With no money he was starving and could not afford a Moving Ticket back to Israel. After a couple of weeks of being in Finland, a bank finally opened and he was able to exchange NOK for FIM to buy food and save up for a moving ticket. A few weeks later, he moved back to Israel.


The drama between the "Müdafaa-i Hukuk Cemiyeti" (MHC) and the TJU continued. The MHC called themselves "real turks" and began to oppress the Israelis further. It seemed that the dream of a free-Israel was dark and cloudy. The political oppression proceeded with a takeover of the TJU following a party election. It seemed that many countries were getting their freedom back but not Israel. He gave up on the fight for freedom of Israel and on December 2, 2008, left Israel for his homeland of Canada.

Current Times

Kelso73 currently lives in Ontario, Canada and is an active member of the Canadian Armed Forces. He hopes to continue a career in the Army and possibly pursue a career in politics. He has finished Suburban Warfare training in Ontario and then hoped to train as a skilled sniper in Saskatchewan. However, since Saskatchewan had only a Q1 hospital, it was difficult for him to train while also fighting efficiently in the training wars with Ireland. So, he moved to Alberta to train in mountain warfare in south western regions of said province.

Kelso73 has recently had part of his family join eRepublik. His step-brother, Levi Marshall, and sister, Princess Katie. They have since deceased.

Kelso73 now owns an organization, Kelso73 Enterprises.

World War III left Kelso73 unsure about his future in Canada and looked into moving away after the conflict had subsided. He looked toward his birthplace of Israel or, even her neighbour, Greece. He hoped to find a career in politics after finally obtaining Generalship.

Since the rebirth of Canada, Kelso73 has become an ever more active soldier with new motivation. After spending a few days in Greece, he learned that only Canada can ever be his homeland.

Kelso73 now operates a newspaper titled, Revolt.

Countries Kelso73 has visited

Israel (Turkey) - was born and learned the basics of eRepublik in this country. He went through all the drama between the TJU and the MHC. He even hoped that he could assist in the Resistance against the Turkish occupants.

Finland - temporarily fought for the resistance against Norway in hopes of gathering intelligence on how a resistance war and the war module worked.

Canada - currently lives in this country and is a proud and active member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). He moved to Canada after his departure from Israel when he finally came to the conclusion that a resistance war would not begin for sometime. This is where he lives in life outside of eRepublik as well.

Norway - briefly fought for Norway in a PEACE-initiated resistance war in Far Eastern Region. This was also his first operation as a member of the CAF. In March 2009, he revisited this country to fight against a resistance in the Volga region.

South Korea - visited this country as part of a covert operation for the CAF.

Romania - fought against Hungary when they attacked the South Transdanubia region of Romania and fought in a few other various battles against the Indonesian and Iranian invaders later.

Serbia - visited this country as part of a covert operation for the CAF.

USA - fought in a Baja Resistance.

Latvia - visited this country as part of a covert operation for the CAF.

Poland - visited this country as part of a covert operation for the CAF.

Indonesia - was in Western Siberia Region when the wall fell in mid-May. Stuck behind enemy lines before evading capture and sneaking aboard a plane heading for Israel.

Peru - landed here a few times on layover flights to and from France.

France - visited this country as part of a covert operation for the CAF. After the Alberta wall collapsed on July 27, he managed to blend into society with the basic French he learned in from living in Quebec for a short time. A few French tanks nearly turned him into a POW outside of Calgary as he raced north away to refuge in Red Deer. Hours passed and finally he was fired from his Canadian job and therefore free to move back to Canada. He sneaked aboard some cargo inside a plane heading to Peru and managed to get home safely. The same thing happened after Asturias fell into France hands.

Greece - visited this country as an attempt for a new beginning after the dissolution of Canada. He learned that making a successful life in Greece would require him to understand Grecian and he had absolutely no understanding of this foreign language. So, he moved back to the recently liberated Newfoundland and Labrador province of Canada.