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Democratic Socialist Party

General Information
Country Flag-North Korea.jpg North Korea
Abbreviation DSP
Founded 11th May 2009
Dissolved August 2009
President Celio Azevedo
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/24 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

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The Democratic Socialist Party was one left wing party founded by Morgaroth and Oogieboogie3. The Democratic Socialist party was North Korea's very first Political Party. It was founded a day before the City Party [?]. The DSP was mainly a congressional party that would average 1-2 congress members. The highest amount of congress members the DSP saw was 4 members in congress. It never saw successful Presidential elections, mainly due to its minority status. By the time the third North Korean party election came, it was taken over by William Shafer. Shafer changed the name to the (Lolz Party)[?], and then the next election Dubster tried to PTO the party[?], Celio Azevedo defeated Dubster gaining control of the party in 19/07/2009[?]. He then changed the name once more to the North Korean Communist Party[?]. Celio Azevedo beat off the last party takeover attempt against Sam Hodkin[?], who was so embarrassed at his loss that he literally left the country and headed to eAustralia [?].

Celio Azevedo and his new North Korean Communist Party were not very popular [?]. Most of the Original Democratic Socialist Party members including its two founders helped establish a new official Socialist party in North Korea called the The North Korean Workers Party[?]. Its main founder Defenestration proved to be a more experienced leader than Celio Azevedo, who had problems between the Socialists in North Korea[?]. They said Celio Azevedo only being in North Korea to attempt to conquer his political goals.

In August 2009 the party was suspended because another Party president resigned and there was no other party member with more than 125 EP. It had up to 19 members at this time.