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Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
National rank 11
Date of birth 29 May 2009
Date of death 7 May 2010
Residence Punjab
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Saint of Dioism
15 January 2010 – Forever
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia
6 September 2009 – 12 November 2009
Preceded by James Noring
Succeeded by Boris A
Presidential advisor of Russia
13 November 2009 – 28 November 2009
Vice MoFA of Russia
28 November 2009 – Present
Congressman of Russia
25 October 2009 – 24 November 2009
Military unit Cool Dudes 4 Dio
Rank Icon rank General.png General


kotekzot was born in Finland-occupied Moscow and Central Russia. On his first day he has managed to scavenge a copy of The Book of Dio from the biweekly book-burning and was enlightened to the way of the New World. Knowing his foe, he has managed to avoid porcinofication and eventually fled to Russia.


Having arrived in Russia, kotekzot finally had a moment of peace, allowing him to build a small capital and open his first company making Q1 weapons. Profits were slim, but steady, and with a bit of perseverance, as well as an unexpected inheritance of 150 gold from a French player quitting the game, he has managed to upgrade his company to Q3, as well as start a Q3 iron company, which was later sold to further upgrade the weapons company.


After a quick jaunt to Finland, Oulu as a part of a certain TO-squad, he has returned to Russia with a shiny new congress medal to show for the trip and decided to try his hand in politics. Having been young and foolish, he has joined then still Habraparty, which suffered a devastating defeat in the congressional elections, leading many of its prominent members to QQ and threaten to quit Erep forever.


Disillusioned with the political opposition, he has joined Free Russia Party and became the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia under the president parter. During his term, Russia had many victories and defeats, including the liberation of Urals, North Caucasus, and Western Siberia, as well as the later half of the invasion of North America. Close to the end of his term, kotekzot began to feel the fatigue of his responsibilities and started contemplating his retirement, along with the Vice MoFA, James Noring. Together, their trained their replacements, Boris A and Luzhkow respectively. What seemed like a chance to finally get some rest came on 25 October 2009, when MoredanKantose had finally managed to alienate kotekzot, one of the last ministers to still tolerated him, by attempting to extort money out of Kalimbo, the Minister of Defence of Russia at the time, to cover his outstanding debt to the government. However, even after his official resignation, he had to continue his work to prevent further damage from the President's dubious actions. After the impeachment of MoredanKantose and the presidential elections of 5 November 2009, which were won by Sasha327, he has managed to properly pass on his duties to Boris A and assume a less taxing position of a presidential advisor.


kotekzot was kill by (pig) demons on day 899.