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Koza Nostra

Party-Koza Nostra.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Colors black, white
Founded October 16. 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Center
Ideology Anarchist

Koza Nostra was known as an international movement, established as a party in Croatia. Its membership rose to 279 members (Day 887 of the New World). There was also a special branch of the movement called Mladež Koza Nostre (Koza Nostra Youth) which had over a 100 members on day 1300.

The Koza Nostra movement has established it's parties all over the world, from Japan to Canada. It's members often say that their main goal is to liberate all countries and Croatian lands. Koza Nostra is also known for it's main slogan, Koza Nostra kaže DOSTA! (English: Koza Nostra says ENOUGH!)

There were several accusations that some TO'es of Croatian parties were done by members of Koza Nostra, which was denied by the officials.

Main goals

Koza Nostra T-Shirts

Koza Nostra's main goals are:

  1. Liberation of all countries and the establishment of Koza Nostra governments in them
  2. Prohibition of all other parties, which will have to change their name to Join Koza Nostra
  3. Seeking a way to defend our country from Slovenia
  4. Daily money donation to the leader of the movement
  5. Confederation with Serbia

Kekec.jpg The giant from Triglav

Koza Nostra has published a series of articles about the giant from Triglav, Slovenia. Nobody from the Croatian government was ready to take to much notice.

SloNotFound.png Searching for Slovenia

There is a saying according to which Slovenia can be found only if you strongly believe in it. For this reason, it is almost impossible to attack Slovenia. The party's goal is to somehow try to find it. According to some stories, it is located between Hungary, Croatia and Austria, and that is where the search has started. Each new track will put here, for now the only track is a part of the Slovenian sea, which was found near Trieste:


Coat-Croatia.pngConfederation with Serbia

Proposed official flag of the Confederation of Croatia
If confederation ever becomes reality, the Confederation would look like this on the World map
One of the party's main goal. Serbian president, desert hamster, has agreed with this proposal with a comment in article Confederation between Serbia and Croatia. A month ago 10 suggestions where proposed to make the confederation work:
  1. Serbia retreats Belgrade, Eastern Serbia, Raska, Vojvodina, Western Serbia, Southern Serbia and Sumadija to Croatia
  2. The capital region becomes Central Croatia
  3. Building Q5 DS's in Vojvodina, Belgrade and Šumadija at the expense of both states
  4. Relocation of all exSerbian citizens to NW Croatia and Slavonia
  5. Name of the Confederation will be Croatia
  6. Renaming all ex-Serbian parties to Join Koza Nostra
  7. Creating a shared bank where all the gold from the National Bank of Serbia and War reserves will be donated to the Croatian National Bank.
  8. Unification of the exSerbian Army and exCroatian Army to Croatian Army

Koza Nostra subsidiaries


On the map you can see countries which have or had a party called Koza Nostra. For example, Koza Nostra India, Koza Nostra Serbia or Koza Nostra Switzerland. Also, local branches of Koza Nostra were established in Netherlands, Japan, Canada...

The main slogan of the movement, Koza Nostra kaže DOSTA, was translated to the languages of countries which their members consider liberated:

  1. Koza Nostra says ENOUGH!
  2. Коза Ностра каже ДОСТА!
  3. ہماری بکری کافی کہتے ہیں!
  4. コザノストラは十分だ!
  5. Koza Nostra zegt genoeg!
  6. Koza Nostra dit ASSEZ!
  7. Koza Nostra dice BASTA!
  8. Koza Nostra sagt GENUG!
  9. Koza Nostra siger NOK!
  10. Koza Nostra säger NOG!

eRepublik Rising period

Example of a Koza Nostra avatar
Example of a Koza Nostra avatar

During the period of eRepublik rising, Koza Nostra had established a bigger connection between their members. New avatars called awawtars where created (whilst leaving the original avatar of the member), a new chat room was established (although closed for public) and the companies of the members practically became the ownership of Koza Nostra. These actions de facto turned them into a paramilitary.

On the Maxihellas page, Koza Nostra was for a time on the 9th place, ahead of some more famous militaries and paramilitaries.


Party's greatness

Why is Koza Nostra the greatest party in Croatia? You can read it here.

Gte8 800x600.jpgGrand Theft Election 2009

5. October 2009 seemed as an ordinary day in erepublik. unfortunately it was a day when the biggest election fraud has taken place.

At 22:57 CET candidate of Koza Nostra, Zubix a.k.a Ratrak had an impressive advantage against the other candidates.


At the end the results were very different. 1915 votes were missing!

The leaders of the movement accused Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka for fabricating the results. Since then the relationship with HDS had been permanently damaged.

Current Projects

I, Field Marshal

A program to help new players invest their gold to the person who needs it the most, the party president. This program has started just recently.

TO of HD$

A secret program which main goal is to do a political takeover of the Croatian Democratic Party (HDS).

Operation HNB

An operation dedicated to the Croatian National Bank (Hrvatska narodna banka, HNB). Currently 6 Koza Nostra members are trying to figure out the password.