Kraljeva Garda

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Kraljeva Garda

Kraljeva Garda.jpg

General Information
Formation April 13, 2012
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Total Soldiers 105
Commanded by DrazaNS
2nd Swaba
Commanders Corleone Michael
1st Regiment Captain st. Luke
2nd Regiment Captain Caruga Jovo
3rd Regiment Captain Swaba
4th Regiment Captain Corleone Michael
5th Regiment Captain Nesic Ivan


Kraljeva Garda is military unit founded on April 13th, 2012 by few people, DrazaNS, Raziel_Blaze, blagoje_trifunovic84 and Bata Busa.

First steps where very hard because military unit did not own any companies, number of soldiers was small and not enough equipment for regular supplies.

MU donations fund was created, and more companies were created.

First big company was q5 weapons factory. Soldiers have donated RAW material from their own companies and daily distributions has begun on IRC channel.

Military unit has q7 weapons factory, and huge number of RAW companies.


There are four soldiers in command:

  1. Commander DrazaNS
  2. 2nd Commander Swaba
  3. 2nd Commander Corleone Michael
  4. Neutral Member Nesic Ivan


Kraljeva Garda MU is invite only because of multies, if you want to join you can send in game message to someone from command. There are of course some requirements that you must meet to be member:

  • You must wear uniform (avatar) which can be personalised
  • You must stay active in fights

Those are requirements for those that do no wish to get daily supplies, if you want to get those there is one more requirement, work in Military unit company. Paycheck in company is 8.01 RSD, but, on daily distribution of supplies soldier will receive 5q7 tanks and 50q5 food (500 wellness), which can't buy with biggest paycheck on Job Market right now.

Daily distribution of supplies

Distribution is held on IRC Channel every day, starting at 21:30PM and ending at 22:00PM. You have to be on channel and fill the form at that time, also, you must use your eRepublik name while you're on channel.

Soldiers that are not using their eRepublik name will be kicked first two times, third time they will be banned and they won't be able to receive supplies for next 10 days.

Special Training Centers Action

This is latest action which is still in first steps.

There are 36 peoples in this action right now, 6 of them are donators and they won't receive any kind of donation for this, rest of them are players that will receive donations and donate to others.

Every day another players donates 10 gold to the player who's on turn for that month, and so on, after ~30 days - than go to next player and so on, until full circle is completed. After that procedure is repeated from beginning. It means soldier will give 10 gold monthly which is not too much, and when it's your turn for receiving donations you'll get ~350 gold, which is enough for 2 training centers on maximum quality.

After all training centers are upgraded for everyone military unit will probably continue with this action for training contracts, companies etc.