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Nationality Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonian
National rank 9
Date of birth July 24, 2009
Residence Estonia
Sex Male
Political party Isamaalised Liberaalid
Newspaper Tera siit, teine sealt
Military unit Estonian
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Krist0 has been the President of Estonia several times.


Krist0 worked as a manufacturer in the V1, in Rising he works as a producer.

Krist0 has earned 11 hard worker medals.


Krist0 is a veteran artillery who fights for Baltic army. He has earned 2 battle hero medals.


In the far past, Krist0 was one of the leaders of Eesti Liberaalne Erakond. After he united Eesti Liberaalne Erakond and Isamaaliit he joined the hybrid party called Isamaalised Liberaalid. During that time Krist0 has been almost every minister and also President. Krist0 also took part in the congress work in Estonia. He has 11 Congress Member medals.