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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 379
Date of birth 8 February 2008 - Day 80
Residence Saskatchewan
Sex Male
Political party United Party of Canada
President of Norway
March 2009 – April 2009
Congressman of Norway
January 5, 2010 – February 5, 2010
Party president of Teknokratene
January 15, 2010 – February 15, 2010
Succeeded by heivoll
Minister of Public Relations of Norway
December 25, 2009 – January 25, 2010
Military unit Captains of Industry
Rank Icon rank National Force.png National Force

KristofferAG is a citizen of Canada, who is currently a resident in Saskatchewan. He spent most of his eLife in Norway, but has also had minor ventures in Denmark, Romania and Finland, before finally getting a Canadian citizenship in October 2012.


KristofferAG joined the Erepublik community as early as day 80 of the new world, and has a long time been one of the leading politicians in Norway. While he was fairly inactive during the beta-version, he became much more active upon the release of V1, and has kept this up, with only smaller breaks.

While spending most of his time in Norway, he has traveled into Romania to fight by their side during their war against Iran, Hungary and Indonesia. He has always felt a strong bonding to them, as they have been allies since beta-version.

He also had a short period in Denmark, with Retropartiet, but realized that the country was too unstable, and decided that it was not worth his time. Ever since, he's stayed in Norway.

After the failure with Retropartiet, and seeing so many of his close friends leaving eRepublik, he opted to leave himself. About a year after making this decision, he returned in full force during December of 2011, and joined Sigurd Aasen in the Philippines, joining a political party there.

A month after joining Sigurd in the Philippines, he moved back to Norway to work on the liberation of his native country, and building Teknokratene back up alongside SandeRBG and raggizz, among others.


Congressional History

While he started his career in politics in Gullpartiet, he soon found out that Teknokratene was the better choice for him, and left GP to join TeK. While it took him a couple of months to work out the reputation and guts to run for congress, he finally did so in late 2008. Since then he has had a total of 10 terms, and is on his 11th term now, December 2010. During his last term as a member of Congress in Norway, he represented Østlandet, but has previously represented Nord-Norge, Sørlandet and mostly, Vestlandet.

Presidential History

KristofferAG won the Presidential elections in March 2009, with merely a few votes more than Kenneth Viking, from Gullpartiet. This made him the first ever Teknokrat President, a title which he proudly shows off today. He's an outspoken opposition to the politics that Binary Party believes in, and is known for endorsing the candidates that Teknokratene puts forth every election. He is currently not thinking of running for another election.

Governmental History

KristofferAG hasn't held a lot of offices in government, but has been Vice President twice, and recently finished his second term as Minister of Public Relations.


KristofferAG looks at himself as a true Teknokrat as heart, and believes that he can never leave the party. He has been Party President once, after he got elected in August 2009, and has always been an active member on the TeK forums and website, as well as on IRC.

Partido Kalikasan ng Pilipinas

As he returned to eRepublik during December of 2011, KristofferAG decided to start fresh in a different country. As he new Sigurd Aasen from the political scene in Norway, he decided to settle down where he was the current President, in the Philippines. He joined the party Partido Kalikasan ng Pilipinas, and spent a term as the Filipino ambassador to Norway under Sigurd Aasen.

Teknokratene again

As Sigurd's CP term ended, KristofferAG decided to move back to Norway to work on the liberation of the country, and work on building up Teknokratene.

Offices Held

Office Term(s)
Minister of Public Relations 2 terms
Vice president 2 terms
Congressman 12 terms
President of Norway 1 term
Party President of Teknokratene 1 term


Fighting in battles was never the priority of KristofferAG, and he does therefore not have a high rank. He achieved the rank of Field Marshal during the failed Operation Valhalla, which was the highest rank at the time.

He joined Forsvarets Spesialkommando (FSK) in Norway, but as he was in congress he was not able to move around and rarely got to fight as a result of that. As he moved to the Philippines, he joined the Pacific Air Corps, where he remains today, in the 1st Regiment.

KristofferAG has achieved 6 Battle Hero medals, 1 Resistance Hero medal, 14 Super Soldier medals and 5 True Patriot medals.


Main article: Meningsbladet

His newspaper, Meningsbladet, peaked at a total of 130 subscribers, without taking part in any Media Mogul campaigns. It is read by a specter of eRepublikans, including several leading characters of what used to be Atlantis.

The paper is occasionally also released in foreign countries, mainly Sweden and Finland, and reported the Finland-Latvia War directly from Finland to Norway.

Upon his return to eRepublik in December of 2011, the subscriber count had fallen to below 20, but is currently on its way back up. It now releases articles in the Philippines.

As KristofferAG regained his citizenship in Norway, the newspaper was promptly moved, and resumed releasing articles in his homeland, mainly party propaganda and some minor roleplaying articles.


Main article: The BEKAG Group

KristofferAG has only had minor business ventures, and started up The BEKAG Group with his friend and fellow politician at the time, bjelland. This umbrella corporation had a total of four businesses, Happy Treat, Happy Wheat, Happy Oil and Happy Travels.

After a rather long hiatus, where none of the companies were active, the two General Managers decided to buy two new companis, namely Happy Oil and Travels, and restart business.

However, as the economic module of eRepublik changed, business was shut down completely. At the moment, KristofferAG runs a number of raw material companies for food and weapons, as well as a couple of food factories and one weapon factory. All of the resources are reserved for his own use, but leftover raw materials are sold on the Norwegian market.

On the wiki

KristofferAG is also an active contributor on the wiki for eRepublik, and has been elected to Uber Editor as of the 22nd of September, 2009. He is the creator of WikiProject Teknokratene.

He lost his Uber Editor status during the summer of 2011, after over two years of inactivity.