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General Information
Country Flag-France.jpg France
Language french
Owner bonus12
Subscribers 24
Articles 4
Content Warfare analysis and politic

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Very important attacked at all costs the invaders to make them put off. The enemies do not have to move forward any more! We ask you of all to contribute in battle and\or to the financing of the battles and to this war which had no places to be. Everything equips yourselves with armament heavy to make leave it is polaks and their ally. It will not be simple but one needs for Efrance. Reminder: For the citizens who were not in the armed forces yet ( SM) They is them to ask to make him. (More precision on the forum of the erepfrance (Your text to link here) Thank you for having read the express article of the eGlobe

2/ Consignes france.jpg Prio1.jpg

Call to everything the Resistance fighters! Beat you up to the death! We have to resume at all costs the territory efrançais because the efrance has no more a single piece of earth. It is thus urgent to reconquer lefrance before everybody lets us sink. He would be as well urgent as our Allier to help us has to attack Polish and Serbian. While the resistance with place to scatter the enemy troops what would be a big advantage for us. Concentrate your attacks in the resistance efrançais! Vote and suscriber Thank you for having read


Tout les espoir ne sont pas perdu !


It is necessary to base itself on a region to be freed and not ten which divides too much our troops. Follow Information Defense which will indicate to you where to strike. Do not read the small sentences which they post his can be sometimes demoralizing. " Days follow each other and are alike, we do not arrive there " / " we are not any more on the card and we shall have even no congress next month! " If we have a hard time always in two weeks, one month I propose that we pass in the diplomacy. Can be that some suitcases of money and gold would please the Serbian and Polish. Given that apparently the state does not put one under in the resistance. Vote and Suscribe thank you