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General Information
Country Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakia
Dissolved Sometime in 2016
President martin 123456789
Congress Occupancy 0 seats
Orientation Center
Ideology Authoritarian

Liehovisti is the biggest political party in Slovakia and one of the former parties in Czechoslovakia. Party changed its orientation from Center-Right to clean Center sometime in the beginning of 2015 and eventually vanished from the political scene.

Interesting fact

On October 15th, 2011, during Party elections, Vesela Strana has been successfully PTOed by doco11, a member of HLAS - THE VOICE. Doco change name Vesela Strana to HLAS NOVACIKA - NEWBIE VOICE. A month later was changed to Liehovisti. Also, it was interesting that first logo used was actually logo of HLAS party.