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Liquid Oxygen

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LO Avatar.jpg
Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 39
Date of birth May 26th 2009
Sex Male
Political party Stardust Crusaders - USA
Faith Dioist
Military unit United States Armed Forces
Regiment Special Forces
Position Retired Officer
Rank Icon rank World Class Force.png World Class Force

Liquid Oxygen was formed on Day 553 of the New World. An entity as ephemeral as the air, but a body that flowed like water, mixed with a single grain of sand, which breathed the breath of life into him. Thus was he born in a heavily forested area of Ohio, on the banks of the great lakes.

Liquid's early days were fairly uneventful, spending his days toiling in wage slavery for various company owners who failed to educate him on the ways of the New World. As the great super-alliance ATLANTIS exhaled its dying breath and collapsed, the events that followed would fully shape Liquid into the man he would become. A lover of Sand in all its forms, Liquid made his way to Florida, meeting Max McFarland2 upon his arrival and agreeing to work for him. This arrangement worked for many weeks, until Liquid's entrance and graduation from the Training Division and acceptance into the eUS Mobile Infantry.

In the eUSMI, Liquid found a second home amongst a band of brothers in arms. He met and made many friends in his service, Lieutenant joeyrocketts, Daniel Hills, GoalieBCSC, therose, Deificus and Dimension, among others. These people taught him what a real community should is and how it should behave, often not standing on COC in order to answer inquisitive questions. Liquid participated in Operations: Hungary Hungary Hippo and many other campaigns as the famous North American Invasion kicked off the start of World War III. Unfortunately, bad times were also soon to come, as Liquid's outspoken resistance to the eUSA's inclusion in EDEN made him a social pariah in the country, as war fervor spread all over the populace. As George Barker said: "You sound like an eRepublik conspiracy theorist."

Liquid's viewpoints were proven to be validated much later and will be touched upon when the time comes.

Due to the negativity, Liquid left his home in the warm sands of Florida to strengthen his Dioist ties in the Theocracy of eSouth Korea. Unfortunately, being an outsider, his participation wasn't accepted and once again, he was left looking for a new home. That home came when a friend, ExoM7, made in the old Game Mechanics Party, invited him to eMalaysia. The warm sands of the Malay beaches touched a part of Liquid's heart, as they were pure and untouched. A quiet life ensued, as the war games sponsored by eMalaysia and ePhillipines provided a source of entertainment, but not fulfillment. The government in Malaysia was changing from an old guard to a new, and in it was a spot for Liquid, a squadron of his own and a chance to prove himself in battle against the hated Indonesians and Serbians.

Liquid quickly proved himself, leading the most active squad in the Tentera Darat Malaysia, the official Malaysian Army, which also lead to a nomination for the position of the Supreme Commander of the Malaysian Military, a position he later vacated in favor of the more experienced Fragreg, one of the leaders of Omnicorp.

This did not prove to be a setback, however, as he had impressed many people within Sol's leadership, as his ideas were constructive and would prove to lead to greater organization, if followed. Liquid's name was put forth as a candidate for Supreme Commander of the newly forming Soldier Mobile Unit, a new branch of alliance military that would serve a dual purpose: Both providing all member nations with a viable military mobile force AND tie in alliance objectives to ALL countries.

With the sponsorship of Albert Neurath and Sir Valaro Volcrum, Liquid was confirmed by the Supreme Council, with a note of confidence from Snayke himself, and work began. Liquid served in this role for 2 1/2 terms, under the Chairmanship of Albert Neurath, Enoch Root and a partial term under kryteshyft.

Unfortunately, the unending abuse that was heaped upon Soldier and its participants from its bureaucratic opponents forced Liquid to resign, as well as the constant bickering from country representatives. Sol's ineffectiveness was proven even harder once eAustralia and eSouth Africa were invaded, PTO'ed and destroyed shortly after his resignation.

Frustrated, Liquid retired back to the warm sands of Malaysia, leaving the position of SC in the hands of Sir Valaro Volcrum, who resigned relatively shortly after Liquid, citing many of the same reasons. A few months passed in time, as Liquid simply worked a job, fought where he pleased and stayed out of politics and developments, aside from a few stray comments here and there.

An old stirring occured, though, even there and once again, Liquid vowed to be more involved, serving two terms as an Advisory Representative to Sol, with then CP Carr De Vaux. Sol was officially disbanded by Jelly9473, and Liquid found his job there done.

With his work being done, (or so he thought,) he retired back to Malaysia and found his resting place there, buried in the sands.

Death, however, was only during the Version 2 era and Liquid re-awakened when a group of young Malaysian teens found his battle mask and accidentally broke an hourglass containing rare sand collected from his days in eSouth Korea over it. The world he resurrected in was not the same friendly place from the elder days, however, as his home was overrun by Serbians.

This was unpalatable and unacceptable, and as such, Liquid returned to his true home, surrounded by Florida sand. The timing proved fortuitous, as the former military of the country had decided to sever their ties to official channels, and the old soldier found another new opportunity, signing up with the newly forming eUnited States Armed Forces, being assigned to the eArmy. As a private, he served under Lietenant Veni_zelos, in the platoon 1-1, then surnamed the "Gravediggers." Liquid found it a fitting name, as his greatest joy was defeating opponents in battle, then burying them in purifying sand.

Before long, his activity was noted and he was offered a chance to join the Special Forces, under the command of xDavidx and his appointed XO, Alexander_Auctoritas, his platoon CO being Ariovistus. Ario, however, was soon called away to duty in eIreland, and a vacant position came open. Liquid was offered the job and yet again, Liquid proved himself, maintaining complete activity records and helping out where needed.

Soon, he was once again offered a chance for advancement, when his company CO was promoted, and he made Captain. As a captain, Liquid attempted to keep the platoons in Bravo Company under constant observation, handling issues as they arose and starting a new recruitment initiative that resulted in yet another promotion, as Recruiting and Applications officer and a Major's rank.

Paper pushing, while rewarding, was not simply fulfilling enough for someone born of battle, and as such, when Alexander_Auctoritas resigned as SF XO, Liquid was promoted to Lieutenant General.

This time was spent navigating the potentially tricky waters that come with military positions that require a little politicking on the side. This time was also spent cultivating friendships with many diverse personalities, spreading the SF PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE and teaching new officers their duties, while cementing SF policies, many of which are still in use today.

Therefore, Liquid, although with a little trepidation, was offered the role of Special Forces Commandant, which he accepted, with the sole purpose of proving that his ideas and policies that had been formed from his days in Soldier not only could work, but WOULD work. Under his three month term, Liquid improved activity, security, communication and membership numbers, as the SF became THE elite unit of not only the USAF, but the eUS as a country.

Although he's retired now, Liquid isn't inactive, but he's always looking for a real cause to fight for and throw his weight behind. Occasionally, eMalaysians claim his phantom revisits the beaches of his former home when it's threatened.