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The Book of Dear Father

The Book of Dear Father.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Language English
Owner Dartreal
Subscribers 465
Articles 53
Content Comics

The New Adventures of Majester

The new saga in the battle between Majester & The Dear Father set five years after the events of the "All Hail Dear Father" series. This new series debuted "the new style of comics" Dartreal had been working on. due to heavy work commitments the series came to a quick halt. The series soon continued as a hybrid comic involving the "old style" and "new style".

The story focuses on Majester awaken from his coma and reforming Team Majester in order to free the eWorld from the Dear Father and his legion of allies.

Episode 1: Up & At 'Em

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Episode 2: Dear Father Is Watching

Part 1

Episode 3: That's Scottty With 3 T's

Part 1

All Hail Dear Father!

Dartreal returned to eRepublik in the month of July vowing to bring back the fun not only to eAustralia, but to eRepublik in general. Feeling that the media was dead and needed a much needed boost, Darteal returned back to his old personality "The Dear Father" and declared war on then CP of eAustralia Majester and all who supported him. This led to a series of satire articles (stopped due to people taking them seriously) as well as the return of Dartreal's comics, introducing supporters to the Dear Father's cause.

Soon Majester and his sidekicks were added in as enemies of the Dear Father, along with the addition of the eAustralian MU - the KnightHawks. The series ended with a battle between the Dear Father forces and the Majester/KnightHawk alliance. The final comic saw the transition from the "old style" of comics to the "new style".

Episode 1: Congratulations Majester...

Episode 2: Introducing DocterDry, Head of Dear Father's Scientific Research Division

Episode 3: Behold Ranger - The Weapon of Dear Father

Episode 4: Rest In Peace(s) DocterDry

Episode 5: H.Nelson - Dear Father's Supreme Fleet Commander

Episode 6: Dear Father & The Sultan of Ilhanizm (Part 1)

Episode 7: Dear Father & The Sultan of Ilhanizm (Part 2)

Episode 8: Dear Father's New Head of Science, And The Return Of An Old Friend...

Episode 9: The Weapon of Dear Mother?

Episode 10: Dartraterianism 101: The Origins of Dear Father

Episode 11: Dear Father & The Royal Father of eAustralia

Episode 12: The eWorld Needs... A Hero!

Episode 13: Goodbye Miss Wolf

Episode 14: Dear Father Meets Da Papa Grimstones

Episode 15: The Dart-Star Inquisition

Episode 16: Srg91 - The "Other" Weapon of Dear Father

Episode 17: Dear Father Meets Octavian F (feat. Temujin BC)

Episode 18: Dinner & Discussion with Miss Ruby & Glacier

Episode 19: CDFI: The Committee for Dear Father's Interests

Episode 20: Dear Father gains VIKING BRUTE STRENGTH!!!

Episode 21: The Dear Father is... sick!?

Episode 22: Dear Father, Ostin & the Angel-Demons (AKA eAust History Comic Issue 16)

Episode 23: The Plotting of Dear Father's Demise Begins

Episode 24: Rakan Bobamit Joins Dear Father's Crusade

Episode 25: The Dear Father is... Dying!?

Episode 26: Dear Father's Foreign Circle Gathers - Part 1

Episode 27: Dear Father's Foreign Circle Gathers - Part 2

Episode 28: Majester & Co Ready For War

Episode 29: The Dear Father Wants YOU!!!

Episode 30: The Dart-Star Rallies

Episode 31: The Way of The Waxing Warrior

Episode 32: The Dear War Begins

Episode 33: The Dear War Continues

Episode 34: It's The End Of The eWorld As You Know It

The Dear Father CP Campaign

The campaign that started off the "Dear Father" personality of Dartreal. A few years back Dartreal decided to have some fun by throwing his hat into the CP ring for fun. A full Lulz Campaign was launched with a mixture of comics and articles. The theme that the campaign was based around was dictatorships and Dartreal turned into the "Dear Father", a crazed, violent ruler who "cared" for everyone as if they were his own children. He envisioned a peaceful world that he would achieve through conquering and annexing every nation.

Despite heavy warnings on the end of all articles that the campaign was a joke, and despite changing his avatar to "DON'T VOTE FOR ME" on the day of elections, Dartreal beat two other serious candidates and came third. And the rest is history...

Part 1: Dartreal Announces He Is Running For CP

Part 2: "Dear Father's" Crusade Begins

Part 3: Dear Father's Military Policy

Part 4: Dear Father's Domestic Policy

Part 5: Dear Father's International Policy

Part 6: Dear Father's Great Cabinet

Part 7: Epilogue

"Smear" Attacks On Dartreal's CP Opponents

Heavenly Father

Around a year later Dartreal started up a new Lulz CP run, this time basing his campaign on religion. The idea was to release a series of "fables" that were satire spins on bible stories before the "campaigning" began. Thanks to a little eIndonesian PTO, Dartreal lost interest and stopped being involved heavily in eRepublik - along with the majority of the eAustralian community.

Part 1: Dear Father Returns to eAustralia!

Part 2: Dear Father Has Come To Save You, Again! - Dartreal restarted the campaign after coming down with a virus.

Part 3: Dartreal & The Lost Son

Part 4: Dartreal Feeds 9000 People

Part 5: Dartreal Cleanses His Temple

"eAustralia eHistory eComic" Series

The series that started off the comics. Originally designed to be used in eAustralia's attempt at a baby boom, the comics grew in popularity in eRepublik.

Issue 1: The eIndo / eAust War

Issue 2: The Warrior, Zaney

Issue 3: Machine Madness Goes To Washington

Issue 4: Cottus Arci & The eCanadian Adventure

Issue 5: The eAustralian Resistance Begins...

Issue 6: The Great eAustralian Resistance

Issue 7: eAustralia Returns!

Issue 8: Patti11's Sneaky Solution

Issue 9: Operation Two-Fold Bay

Issue 10: eBrazil Attacks!

Issue 11: eBrazil Can Into eAustralia

Issue 12: Sweet Dreams eBrazil

Issue 13: Cerb & The Great Southern Bore

Issue 14: The Never Ending Battle For Western Australia

Issue 15: Western Australia Returns, Again!

Other Comics

The Adventures of Majester

A contest was run to find a Superhero for Dartreal's new comic series. In the end, it was Majester who was judged the best Superhero based on his "powers" and personality. Miss Ruby & Glacier joined him in his fight against the criminals of the City of Winchesterfieldvilleberg. Due to real life commitments, illness and a little PTO that happened, Dartreal cut the series short after one episode.

Episode 1: Here's Majester!

Episode 2: Super Size Meh (Part 1)

Episode 3: Super Size Meh (Part 2)

Little Olivia

A series involving Little Olivia, a very young eAustralian girl who would express her views on the current state of eAustralia and just do everyday little girl things... only to be interrupted by Bruce the Dropbear.

Little Olivia & eAustralian Politics

Sorry eIndo, Have Some Cake!

The End Of Comics

Little Olivia's Tea Party

The Adventures of Cottus Arci & Derek Apollyon

A very short-lived mini series involving two of eAustralians veterans.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Other Random Comics

A Comic For Henry The 8th - Henry The 8th nagged Dartreal for a comic, so he got one.

A Comic For Callum123 - Callum123 nagged Dartreal for a comic, and clearly didn't learn from Henry The 8th's mistake.

Dartreal vs. The Department of Public Relations - Dartreal declares war on his old department for using his pictures still.

Where On eEarth Is Rowan Quigley - Dartreal pokes fun at Rowan Quigley, someone who's been around the eWorld more times than... a bird?

Leave Rowan Alone! - Someone complained about a Lulz Comic made for fun about Rowan. Dartreal taught him a lesson...

Hail To The New Puppet Of ANP - ANP puts a puppet to rule eAustralia for them, or so they thought.

Happy Real Life Birthday Dartreal - Dartreal had to treat himself to a little birthday gift.

eRepublik Fighter - Not really a comic, but still cool.

Jade Anon's Artsy Arena - Jade Anon used to do poems. Bruce did not approve.

Name The Dropbear - There was a time where Bruce the Dropbear did not have a name, and he was sad :(

And The Dropbear's Name Is - The winner of the contest got a special prize...

Why eIndonesia Are Really Attacking eAustralia - A reason why eIndo attacked eAust for the 100th time.

eAust Thanks Her Allies! - A little comic put together to thank eAustralia's allies who helped them against the eIndo invasion for the 200th time.

Why eBrazil Is Attacking eSouth Africa - eBrazil declared war on eSouth Africa, around the same time the 2010 FIFA World Cup began.

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