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This is a list of Presidents of the country India. Please note, India was governed by Pakistan for most of 2008. India did not gain independence until November 2008. History of India before the occupation is not known.

The following lists are the presidents of India and summery of their period.

Year 2008

Date Term Began President Party Notes
5 Dec 2008 Wolontario Free India Impeached
17 Dec 2008 Lautar0 Democratic League Impeached

Year 2009

Date Term Began President Party
5 Jan 2009 srachit India First
5 Feb 2009 dionysus India First
5 Mar 2009 mAonK eIndia Republic Party
25 Mar 2009 BroodRoosterNL India First
5 Apr 2009 BroodRoosterNL India United
5 May 2009 Anjan Sarkar India United
5 Jun 2009 David Forde India United
5 Jul 2009 shail.back India United
5 Aug 2009 shail.back India United
5 Sep 2009 UgoRaffaele India United
5 Oct 2009 kansarasumit India United
5 Nov 2009 kansarasumit India United
5 Dec 2009 ArjaaAine Democratic Party of India

Year 2010

Date Term Began President Party
5 Jan 2010 Ashwamedh India United
5 Feb 2010 Jelly9473 India United
5 Mar 2010 Abhi347 India United
5 Apr 2010 David Forde India United
5 May 2010 Abhi347 Democratic Party of India
5 Jun 2010 hs1975 India United
5 Jul 2010 Jelen od Potoka India United
5 Aug 2010 come2findu Hello India Party
5 Sep 2010 dharma vardhan Indian Workers Party
5 Oct 2010 Iseutz India United
5 Nov 2010 Iseutz India United
5 Dec 2010 Swathikrishnan India United

Year 2011

Date Term Began President Party
5 Jan 2011 Swathikrishnan India United
5 Feb 2011 David Forde India United
5 Mar 2011 Maverick10 Dodge Knight India United
5 Apr 2011 Maverick10 Dodge Knight India United
5 May 2011 TimberJack India United
5 June 2011 Anant Singhal YUUVA India
5 July 2011 Sharry YUUVA India
5 August 2011 Graf Sprat AHF
5 September 2011 Maverick10 Dodge Knight AHF
5 October 2011 Prabal YUUVA India
5 November 2011 Alector Democratic Party of India
5 December 2011 HemanathanKumar India United

Year 2012

Date Term Began President Party Notes
5 January 2012 Exibot Democratic Party of India
5 February 2012 HemanathanKumar India United
5 March 2012 Shakti Rocks YUUVA India
5 April 2012 Maverick10 Dodge Knight Indian Workers Party
5 May 2012 Alector Democratic Party of India
5 June 2012 Octavius Dryst Indian Workers Party Impeached due to thievery but no one else ran for Office
18 June 2012 Asmitatheone Indian Workers Party No medal ascended via Vice Presidency
5th July 2012 RD1234 Indian Workers Party
5th August 2012 Asmitatheone Indian Workers Party
5th September 2012 ArawnLives Democratic Party of India
5th October 2012 Hamturk YUUVA India
5th November 2012 HemanathanKumar India United
5th December 2012 Uv Ajed Forward Bloc

Year 2013

Date Term Began President Party
5 January 2013 xordin India First/YUUVA India
5 February 2013 xordin India First/YUUVA India
5 March 2013 Alector N/A
5 April 2013 Mr Immanuel Kant India United
5 May 2013 Alias Vision YUUVA India
5 June 2013 Uv Ajed Forward Bloc
5 July 2013 Uv Ajed Forward Bloc

The summary

History of The early Indian Leaders.

Wolontario Period

Just before the presidential elections, unrest arose in India. Indian Government Bank, the national bank of India, was managed by a member of INC. The bank donated all gold and money to an Italian organisation. Wolontario and his fellow Italians from INC party were blamed for destroying the Indian economy. Wolontario still won the presidential elections, due to a large number of Italian soldiers.

He stayed in office for about 10 days after which an impeachment proposal was made. The proposal was accepted by the Congress, because most of the Italians had already left the country. After the impeachment, Lautar0 became the new President. In the next few days many Italians went back to Italy.

The majority of the rest of the Italians left India after the Congress elections at which they won only four congress seats. After most of the Italian paratroopers left the country, the Wolontario period and the unrest in the country was finally over.

Lautar0 period

After the impeachment, Lautar0 started his term with a bang and everyone thought that India would finally start developing. Nothing however happened during his period, only the ministry of Internal affairs was created and 10,000 INR was transferred to it.

Srachit Period

Lok Sabha Building

On the 5th of January srachit became first Indian president that was actually from India in RL, and he immediately started reforms. In his term an army was created, diplomatic relations with other countries we're established, and a nation forum was set up.

Under his rule India finally became active:

  1. India gets its first active ministerial team
  2. The Indian Army is created
  3. India has become economically stable
  4. India has finally united for the same cause, i.e India's development
  5. India's forums have become active
  6. Congress is renamed to Lok Sabha
  7. Tax is changed for the better
  8. He brought peace between India and Iran
  9. Diplomatic relations with other countries established

And many more things done that cannot be mentioned here.

Dionysus Period

On the 5th of February India First won the presidential elections once again and Dionysus became the forth president of India.

The Dionysus period was another period of prosperity for India and India was advancing at a rapid rate but then something happened, Indonesia declared war on India, and Dionysus immediately got 7 MPP's for India in less then 12 hours to prepare India for war. To India's luck, Indonesia did not attack India, instead Indonesia decided to do a political takeover (PTO) of India.

India, although a small country in the New World, came up with a good plan and was ready to resist the takeover, however due to a bug in the game, India's plan did not go as planned and India was PTOed in the next elections.

mAonK Period

mAonK was the person who was sent from Indonesia to do the PTO of India. He was successful in his mission and won the March presidential elections. As soon as he won, Indonesia declared war on India and mAonK retreated every battle, erasing India from the map by giving all of the Indian regions to Indonesia.

BroodRoosterNL Period

After India lost its freedom because of the previous president, the Indian Congress, which still had power for another month, impeached mAonK and BroodRoosterNL become the interim president on 25th of March.

His first term went in discussions with the Indonesians about the Indian freedom. After India regained its freedom, he was re-elected by the people of India. His term saw a lot of improvement and development in India. One of his major achievements was acquiring a Q5 Hospital for Orissa.

Anjan Sarkar Period

Anjan Sarkar won the election with 135 votes. His win in the presidential elections was itself a great victory for India as it showed an increase of 142% in votes. One of his major accomplishments was winning back two more regions for India.

David Forde Period

David Forde was elected into office on 5th June with 137 votes and the support of both the parties in India. He managed to triple the value of INR, assigned a team of 20 men to recruit more people to India and to the forums, and made a website for India and ordered the transfer of the old forums to the new one, giving the admins of the forums much more control. His biggest achievement was bringing back 10 of India's original regions from Indonesia.

Shail.back Period

The election that Shail.back won was historic as it marked a change for India. For the last few elections only one candidate had been running, but on this elections two candidates ran for the office. It was Pheenic vs Shail.back. Shail.back won, and his big accomplishment was getting more War Games for India.

UgoRaffaele Period

UgoRaffaele was supported by both India United and Democratic Party of India. In his term, battalions were implemented, and he improved relationships between India and other countries. He also got the University of India started. At the end of his term, he bought a Q1 Defense system for Orissa, the first in the Country.

Kansarasumit Period

kansarasumit won the presidential elections and immediately got to work, as India was being threatened by neighboring countries. A major change he did was getting India its second Q5 Hospital, which was placed in Maharashtra.

ArjaaAine Period

ArjaaAine become president of India in December 2009. Being a financial genius, India improved financially. One of his biggest achievements was declaring war on Iran, and winning back all of the India's regions controlled by Iran.

Ashwamedh Period

Ashwamedh's election itself was exciting, as India was being under PTOed, and the PTO candidate almost won. His biggest achievement was bringing in India its first monument, something that India had missed out on the first time it was awarded to each country.


Jelly9473 was elected president in February 2010 as the Valentine President. During his term in India he successfully rented out Karnataka to USA for Icon-gold.gif 2700 GOLD over a time of 3 months. The Lana Training Program was created, in order to help veterans, and a few newer players increase their fighting ability and reward them for their loyalty to the Indian armed forces.