List of presidents of Pakistan

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The following table lists the presidents of Pakistan.

Term President Party Remarks
December 2007 Dio Brando /v/
January 2008 Dio Brando /v/
February 2008 Dio Brando /v/
March 2008 Dio Brando /v/
April 2008 Dio Brando /v/
May 2008 Falcon /v/
June 2008 Dio Brando /v/
July 2008 Senor Schlong /v/
August 2008 AgentChieftain /v/
September 2008 Dio Brando /v/
October 2008 IRUKANJI /v/
November 2008 AgentChieftain /v/
December 2008 sir-farzad New Pakistan Impeached
December 2008 AgentChieftain /v/
January 2009 GnolTac /v/
Febuary 2009 AgentChieftain /v/
March 2009 Han Solo
April 2009 AgentChieftain /v/
June 2009 Dio Brando tHe Milli Vanilli's
July 2009 Altnabla /v/
August 2009 Iranianking Pakistani Republic Party Impeached
September 2009 Arash-Kamangir Pakistani Republic Party Impeached
October 2009 Siclo Vento Aureo
November 2009 Glade Vento Aureo banned in office
December 2009 BGBW Vento Aureo
January 2010 William Walker S.O.U.L
February 2010 AgentChieftain Vento Aureo
March 2010 pak_land Pro Pakistani
April 2010 Ahsan Shahbaz Putin is my Tsar
May 2010 AgentChieftain Vento Aureo
June 2010 AgentChieftain Vento Aureo
July 2010 ishaqueghani The Rising Pakistan
August 2010 Policy The Rising Pakistan
September 2010 Agabey The Rising Pakistan
October 2010 Max McFarland 2 Stone Ocean
November 2010 pak land Pakistan Revolutionary Party
December 2010 kotekzot jr Stone Ocean
January 2011 kualkerr Pakistan Revolutionary Party
February 2011 Vegera MOG Party
March 2011 Clico Pakistan League Party Elected but didn't take office[?]
March 2011 Policy Federal Pakistan Party
April 2011 raao Pakistan Revolutionary Party
May 2011 MaveriQ Pakistan Revolutionary Party
June 2011 Daniel Dimow /v/
July 2011 raao Pakistani Revolutionary Front
August 2011 raao Pakistani Revolutionary Front
September 2011 Policy Pakistani Revolutionary Front
October 2011 Umer Liaqat Lashker e Pakistan
November 2011 Umer Liaqat Lashker e Pakistan
December 2011 Abdullah sardar[1]
January 2012 raao Pakistani Revolutionary Front
February 2012 bozli /v/
March 2012 bozli /v/
April 2012 zafthfirst[2] MOG Party
May 2012 dodial Federal Pakistan Party
June 2012 Annihilator10[3] Federal Pakistan Party
July 2012 Cluster Storms /v/
August 2012 Ishamael Naeblis[4] The Saeen Party
September 2012 Mohammad Bilal Pakistani Revolutionary Front
October 2012 Mohammad Bilal Pakistani Revolutionary Front
November 2012 TheJakal The Saeen Party
December 2012 TheJakal The Saeen Party
January 2013 Dio_Eraclea
Feburary 2013 St0L3n1 Democratic Party of Pakistan
March 2013 St0L3n1 Democratic Party of Pakistan
April 2013 Shin Gouki Democratic Party of Pakistan
May 2013 Faris Khawaja[5] Pakistan Revolutionary Front
June 2013 Sparkfyre Democratic Party of Pakistan
July 2013 TheJakal Democratic Party of Pakistan
August 2013 Muz1 Vento Aureo
September 2013 TheCaliph Democratic Party of Pakistan
October 2013 Didei Democratic Party of Pakistan
November 2013 Nyx Lynx Democratic Party of Pakistan
December 2013 Arfan-Khan Democratic Party of Pakistan
January 2014 Mehmood25 Democratic Party of Pakistan
August 2015 Muz1[6] Vento Aureo
December 2018 Ahsan Awami Mili Party


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