List of presidents of Peru

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The following table lists the presidents of Peru. Maskus was the first elected president, but started a "double" presidency with Zhow, here listed as the Vice President.

Date President Party
July 2009 Maskus Fundadores del Peru
August 2009 Chisholm Partido de Excelencia Peruana
September 2009 Jockey Partido Democrata de Peru
October 2009 Wally Wilson (impeached) Union Democrata
October 2009 Adrian Callaghan Partido de Excelencia Peruana
November 2009 Stanleysts Partido SocialDemocratica
December 2009 Growin Partido Socialdemocrata
January 2010 Ariakis La Orden del Guanaco
February 2010 Saint William Partido de Excelencia Peruana
March 2010 Jhon Salchichon Partido Militar Peruano
April 2010 Kapitan Tsubasa Partido de Emigrantes
May 2010 Lord Ghantt Partido de Emigrantes
June 2010 Requel Partido de Emigrantes
July 2010 Requel Partido de Emigrantes
August 2010 Requel Universitario
September 2010 Requel Universitario
October 2010 T-Sic fluffy party
November 2010 gvstavo v2.0 eRepublik eChile
December 2010 gvstavo v2.0 eRepublik eChile
January until June 2011 without elections without elections
July 2011 mikel_ahone Peru Unido
August 2011 AcertijO Peru Unido
September 2011 chorrillano Demi Lovato Party
January 2012 Aaron Wood Peru Unido
February 2012 Alvaropl0 Peru Unido
March 2012 Fbio Peru Unido
April 2011 Alvaropl0 Demi Lovato Party
May 2012 C P Enrique Demi Lovato Party
June 2012 Urpay Peru Unido
July 2012 Alvaropl0 Demi Lovato Party
August 2012 Luis Beltran Torres Peru Unido