Lukas Kelly

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Lukas Kelly

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Nationality Flag-Montenegro.jpg Montenegrin
National rank 179
Date of birth Day 1,033
Residence North Montenegrin Mountains, Montenegro
Sex Male
Political party None
Faith Draconism
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant.png Sergeant
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Early Life

Lukas Kelly was born in Deutschschweiz, Switzerland on Day 1,033. At level 9, he established the Black Dragons, and his newspaper Spiriti Draco. In one of his first articles, he made a promise to try to help out Montenegro in it's early stages of life.

The Journey

As he stated in one of his first articles of his newspaper, he left for Montenegro on Day 1,054. Having low money and supplies, his journey was started on time thanks to the following people:

Paul Proteus with 5 CHF Penguin4512 with 4 CHF George Armstrong Custer with a copious amount of food.

Only a day after arriving in Slovakia, he messaged his employer and asked to be fired, including a threat to decrease production. This wasn't taken lightly, and he was held up until he could resign.

Finally, on day 1,057 of the New World, he stepped foot off of the train to Montenegro.

In Montenegro

With the hopes of doing something, he arrived in Montenegro with his pen and notebook in hand, but something was wrong. The Admin had removed the freedom of the press to publish in other countries, so Montenegrin citizenship was a requirement to carry on, though he will not forget where he is expected to return to.

In late October of 2010, he put his name in for congress, amidst the two opposing parties. But not being well known in the country led to getting no votes, despite campaigning, and he lost.


Icon-Switzerland.png 1,033 Icon-Slovakia.png 1,055 Icon-Montenegro.png 1,057