México-Colombia War

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Mexico-Colombia War
Map of Mexico-Colombia War
Date July 24, 2011 –
August 20, 2011
Location Colombia
Result Retreat of Mexico of the colombian territories
Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexico

Flag-Venezuela.jpg Venezuela

Flag-Colombia.jpg Colombia

Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil

Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina

Commanders and Leaders





Weeks later of the Mexico-Portugal War Mexico decides attack Colombia for many reasons.

The México-Colombia war was a war between Mexico and Colombia during the finish of the World War V.

iPika, Congressman of México, proposed declaration of natural enemy to Colombia on 23 July, 2011 which was accepted day later, 24 July 2011, with 27 YES votes and 5 NO votes[1]. On the same day México attacked Caribe e Insular, Colombia.

In the War

Mexico when, comes to the region of Amazonica and win this battle, Brazil propose to Mexico as Natural Enemy, this proposal made by the brazilian congressman BIG GIL, with 39 YES votes and 1 NO vote, was accepted [2].

Operation Flying Eagle

Mexico started the operation: Flying Eagle or Vuelo del Águila (in spanish) with releasing the regions of: Caribe e Insular and Pacifica, thus blocking to Brazil, for that not, enter to the mexicans territories originals, in that moment Mexico has lost the regions of: Andina and Amazonica, as ultimate movement Mexico win the battle of Southeast of Mexico and Venezuela attack the region of Caribe e Insular. This war finished in 20th of August 2011. The result is the closing the frontier between Mexico and Brazil, using to Colombia as a shield in this intervention of Brazil.