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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth Mar 28, 2008
Date of death Year 2011 (est)
Residence Queensland
Sex Male
MoD and Deputy Prime Minister of Australia
October 2008 – December 2008
Senator of Northern Territory
April 2010 – May 2010
Served under Australian Military Party
Party president of KATES PARTY
May 23, 2010 – May 27, 2010
Preceded by Timeoin
Deputy Minister of Defence of Australia
July 6, 2010 – July 15, 2010
Served under patti11
Minister of Defence of Australia
Served under sir_c0nstant
Preceded by patti11
Succeeded by Tim Holtz
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png Lt Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

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Early Beginnings

MM was invited into eRepublik from an internet gaming forum community at BF2s. Being Australian in real life, MM was compelled to be brought up in eAustralia. With MM's experience in military news and strategy, he naturally decided to start a newspaper on Australia's military and world military events. He named the paper the AMN, Australian Military News.

The Thunder DownUnder

It was 22:37 on a stormy night on the 13 of April, 2008. MM was drinking coffee sitting on his newly bought LazyBoy chair, (which cost him a mint) at military outpost 775E situated at the tip of Cape York, Australia. MM sighted a peculiar image that snapped over one of the many monitors on his desk that was connected to 2nd generation CCTV network. MM leaned forward to get a closer look but saw nothing."AHH %*@!",he cursed,"damn mosquitoes". MM leaned back into the comfort of his chair and took a sip from his mug.

Suddenly, he saw it again on the monitor, a shadow of some sort. MM got up and snapped on in-fared mode on the control panel connected to the Camera, even though the CCTV network was dated it still had basic image enhancers. He zoomed in to see 6 men, all clothed in black and appeared to be holding weapons. MM snapped frozen....he realised who they were, the KOPASKAs. The KOPASKA are the Indonesian equivalent of US navy seals and were sent in to take this outpost. MM snapped into action and pressed the alarm button, he opened up a direct comm link to HQ. "This is outpost 775E, borders have been breached, I repeat, borders have been breached, attack in motion, all chains of command be advised we are under attack by KOPASKA forces of the Indonesian army, send ground units and Phantoms in for Close Air Suppot" he announced.


MM stood for a moment thinking of what to do next, regulation states that all hard drives must be wiped. He moved over to EMP emitter station and accessed the code 55278 into the panel and pressed the button. The EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) shut down the power of the outpost and killed the drives. The lights resumed this time with a dim red, backup systems re-enforced with anti-static rubber kept the main necessity s for the outpost alive.

BOOM, the earth shook and alarm sirens were ringing. MM fell over from the blast that seemed to have come from a offshore Indonesian Navy vessel. The outpost he was in was a re-enforced bunker that could withstand a 2 megaton nuclear blast. Problem was, the doors weren't all that tough. MM got up and rushed towards the weapon locker. He used the key on his key chain and undid the lock grabbing himself a Steyr AUG with 3 magazines of ammunition. Another round hit the bunker from the vessel, but MM braced himself and didn't fall over.

Going outside was suicidal, MM knew this, his only option was to stay inside. His radio crackled to life, "this is angel two zero to outpost 775E come in!". "This is outpost 775E loud and clear, glad to hear you, I'm pinned inside the outpost, 6 men outside and a unidentified vessel NE shelling me" informed MM. "Roger that outpost, moving in to engage enemy vessel, you're going to have to deal with those 6 men on your own, out" the F1-11 pilot replied. "Dammit" MM said to himself.

The constant shelling stopped, MM figured the pilot was giving them a hell of a time. MM moved to the Blast door, checked the peep hole and saw nothing. He pulled back the handle slowly making as little noise as possible, SCREEEECH, the heavy door creaked. Footsteps of wet feet were heard, MM crouched scanning with his AUG....BAM BAM BAM, fire was coming from his immediate right, centre and left. Shots were pinging all around him leaving bullet holes into the concrete wall around him. MM squeezed the trigger firing accurate shots back, stopping 2 of the attackers, whether he hit them or not he didn't know. He got up and started to run back inside the bunker, just as he got to the door a hot searing pain was apparent in his right leg, making him fall inside the bunker. Leaving the pain aside MM, closed the door and pulled the lever down. He collapsed and swore many times. Crawling to the medical cabinet, MM grabbed a bandage and wrapped a tourniquet around his leg to stop the bleeding.

BOOM, an explosion outside the door made MM jump. The enemy were trying to get in. MM moved behind the control panel and pointed his gun ready. He grabbed his radio and made a transmission " this is outpost 775E, we are overrun, I repeat, we are overrun, enemy are breaking doors as we speak, 775E out". Another explosion erupted outside, this time a significant dent was made on the door. Another one of those, MM thought, and they are in.

BAM, the re-enforced steel blast door flew back hitting the back wall of the bunker. MM heard yelling in an Indonesian dialect. Something was thrown into the room from outside....MM looked away knowing what it was, a flash bang. BANG, as deafening as it was MM got up into a ready position, but then another explosion ripped outside sending MM back against the wall. He got up disorientated, fire scorched craters were lighting up the outside of the bunker, and the sound of a jet passing, over the sound of thunder. Suddenly, a a black laden figure rushed in, MM shot 5 rounds at the figure. The black figure dropped to the ground and squirmed, the figure crawled using one hand out of the bunker. Five seconds later another explosion erupted and fire swirled outside, probably killing the figure.

MM fainted, laying there for 4 hours. A forward Recon unit of the Royal Australian Guard found him inside. The man that found him was dweter a man who become his close friend.

Australia Vs Indonesia

With MM conscience, in a packed military hospital after his brief fight, he watched as Indonesian forces stormed the hospital killing brave Australian soldiers. The Australians were very strong though, taking 2-3 Indonesian s with them to the grave.

The following days battles were fought but all won by Indonesia. Without Proper international support, Australians did themselves proud. MM watched on the TV as the Australian flag at parliament house was taken down and replaced with the Indonesian flag, he said to himself " It has Begun".

Post Warfare

Many Australians quit Elife after the invasion, but many including MM stayed. For MM had a goal, a goal that all Australians have to this very day, to get Australia back!

The eIndonesian government tried to fit Australians in, but with media, and politician differences, many fled the lands of eAustralia to far away provinces including the UK, USA, Canada and Sweden.

MM however, stayed behind to keep alive the Aussie Spirit, the spirit....the eAustralian Underground Movement.


With the underground movement in order, intelligence was collected and transferred through private comm channels throughout a global organisation of eAustralians. Soon enough the Underground movement became public and can be found Here. Everyday the movement grows and is quickly gaining support globally.

April 28, 2008, 18:04, Brisbane, Australia Indonesia. MM was walking down SouthBank broad-walk. A cool breeze whipped his face but MM pulled his collar up on his long grey coat. Despite the chill, the area was bustling with activity, mainly teens hanging out, and a few Indonesian armed forces patrolling.

The contact with the information told MM, to meet him here and that the he would confront MM. MM stopped and looked out across the river, the lights from the many tall buildings reminded him of how life was before the invasion. "I've got the list", said the informant into MM's ear, MM snapped out of his daze. MM felt the man put something into his pocket, "You will find all the information that you inquired for, take this to your leader now". "Question, who is...", MM turned to talk to the contact but he wasn't there.

MM headed east towards his car, "How did he know I was in the resistance without even telling him", he said to himself. The broad-walk was now a path between two tall buildings. MM pulled out the item in his pocket, but it wasn't a list. "WTF is this" thought MM, it was a small device that was beeping. SCREEEECHH, two cars skidded to a halt at the end of ally, blocking the way, 4 men got out and started yelling in Indonesian. "Oh $*%^, he set me up" thought MM. MM turned, threw the device and ran in the opposite direction as fast as his legs would let him. The sounds of the Indonesians yelling were still behind him, BANG BANG, "%*$#@!% hell" yelled MM, whilst pulling his grey coat off. The bullets ricocheted off the concrete narrowly missing him. A boat in the river was bouncing over the water, alongside MM. The driver in the boat yelled " JUMP IN!!!". BANG BANG, more rounds were fired, and a group of Indonesian military police were coming at him from in-front now.

He stopped, jumped up onto the wide paved edge overlooking the river, and put his hands on his head. The boat stopped, "JUMP" said the driver, "No wait, shut up" said MM. The Indonesians ran up to MM yelling in Indonesian, probably wanting to arrest him. "I had a lot of fun boys, but my ticket outta here is waiting" said MM with a smile on his face. MM turned and jumped down onto the boat. "Go go go" yelled MM at the driver. The boat sped off at full speed, making MM fall over from the acceleration. BANG BANG BANG, gunfire was coming from the Indonesians from the riverbank. They were soon out of range, and the boat sped off, out into the sea. "Damn, mate that was intense" laughed the driver. "Haha yeah I spose so, Whats your name" said MM. "The name's Zaney".

3 weeks later the 2 arrived at Hawaii, USA, after leap frogging the Pacific Islands. There, they met the kind Hawaiians he shouted them a trip to mainland USA.

The official Australian Underground Movement Flag


Indonesia moved on with its plans for imperialism and attacked our former allies South Africa, the newly formed Australian DropBear private military mobilised to eUSA to take advantage of defences that allowed fighting to take place from the safety of eUSA.

The DropBears

The DropBears became a small private army. MM became leader of the DropBears and still is to this day. The DropBears travel the globe fighting wars gaining valuable allies and experience for when the day comes.

Temporary Accommodation

After the great South African war, which resulted in South Africa only remaining with one province, MM decided to stay in eUSA. MM made many friends in USA and secured a high paying job that pays the rent and allows for stockpiling of items readying for when the time comes.

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