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Nationality Flag-France.jpg French
Date of birth Day 530
Date of death Sometime in 2010
Residence Corsica, France
Military unit France
Rank Icon rank Lieutenant.png Lieutenant

Maimonides was a citizen of France. He lived in a small house in Bordeaux where he supported the country's plans to install a Q3 defense system and Q5 hospital there. He was a member of Parti Social Démocrate and worked as an architect at Inze'Housing. His death was discovered on September 7, 2010 in Corsica. During his life he has received two Hard Worker medals and one Super Soldier medal.

Military Service

Date For Against Location Total Damage Notes
541-542 Icon-France.png France Icon-Canada.png Canada Pays-de-la-Loire 45 Canadian invasion, French victory. Maimonides' first battle.
553- Icon-Argentina.png Argentina Icon-Chile.png Chile Cuyo 296 Wargames. Maimonides becomes a Corporal.
569-570 Icon-France.png France Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Rhineland-Palatinate 186 French invasion, French victory.
570-571 Icon-France.png France Icon-Sweden.png Sweden North Rhine-Westphalia 82 French invasion, French victory.
572-573 Icon-France.png France Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Lower Saxony and Bremen 221 French invasion, French victory. Maimonides becomes a Sergeant.
578-579 Icon-Germany.png Germany Icon-France.png France North Rhine-Westphalia 42 German resistance, German victory. France supports German independence from Sweden.
580-581 Icon-Germany.png Germany Icon-France.png France Rhineland-Palatinate 43 German resistance, German victory.
593-594 Icon-France.png France Icon-Germany.png Germany Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 143 German resistance, German victory. France loses access to Sweden.
601-602 Icon-France.png France Icon-Canada.png Canada Nova Scotia 394 French invasion, French victory.
603-604 Icon-France.png France Icon-USA.png USA Nova Scotia 366 American invasion, French victory. Maimonides becomes a Lieutenant.
605-606 Icon-France.png France Icon-Canada.png Canada Nunavut 381 French invasion, French victory.
606-607 Icon-France.png France Icon-Canada.png Canada Manitoba 174 French invasion, French victory.
608-609 Icon-France.png France Icon-Canada.png Canada Quebec 213 French invasion, French victory.
609-610 Icon-France.png France Icon-USA.png USA Manitoba 176 French invasion, French victory.
610-611 Icon-France.png France Icon-Spain.png Spain Aquitaine 215 Spanish invasion, French victory.
611-612 Icon-France.png France Icon-Spain.png Spain Rhone Alps 178 Spanish invasion, French victory.
612-613 Icon-France.png France Icon-Canada.png Canada Manitoba 76 Canadian invasion, Canadian victory.