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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth Day 562 of the New World
Date of death Never
Residence Cyprus
Sex Yes Please
Political party Inci
Faith Lazy Agnostic Faggots Who Dont Give a Shit to Seek for to The God is Exist or Not Church reporting.
Newspaper Voice of Traitor
Congressman of USA
April 25 2011 –
Military unit Owls
Rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel


Mark444 aka Sisisi started in Turkey during the big INCI babyboom that occurred there. He is an oldfag Inci, being one of the first 10 in the INCI movement. The INCI took power in Turkey and declared war on greece for the lulz. They agreed to gangbang it with the Fyromians, but FYROM didn't follow through with their promise. Fyrom was lazokrats puppets.

Lazokrats smashed the INCI (1000 in Turkey) with a 300 member party. Widespread cheating was found to be used by Lazokrats.

This tarnished relations between INCI-Turkey.

New Path

So a new channel was started: #edeninci

So Mark444 and other INCI looked for a new place to call home. They tried the UK, but they were snotty, too god damn cocky, and hostile.

So then they tried Australia, but there were too many roleplayers there.

Then Mark444 got Greek citizenship.

Two days later he moved to USA.


He became INCI MoFA and helped ease tensions between INCI-USA. He eventually quit because he was tired.

He is a well respected player and was urged to become an American Congressman under the 10 congressman deal made with President Emerick. He is now an American Congressman.