Marko Gajinovic

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Marko Gajinovic

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Marko Gajinovic.jpg
Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth 18th January 2010
Date of death 2010
Sex Male
Newspaper Tiochfadih ar la
Chief of the party propaganda of Komunistička Partija eSrbije
31. January 2010 – 2. March 2010
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Marko Gajinovic (born on 18. January 2010) is a Serbian politician, newspaper founder and soldier. He was born in the golden age of Serbia when it had a colony in China. He was one of the fighters of the Irish independence war of 2011 and now fights in the World War V

He is one of the reformers of Savez Komunista Srbije.

Early Life

Marko Gajinovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia. In that time Serbia was at its peak.

He quickly started to inform himself and to look for a place in eRepublik history. He found a political party that would suite him. It was the Komunisticka Partija eSrbije that attracted him. He made an appointment with SerbianCitizen. Although he wasn't still Level 9 he was active in the party as the Chief of propaganda.

When SerbianCitizen left Serbia Gajinovic wanted to become the party president but unfortunately he didn't win the elections.

He was outraged and he said: "I do not wish to be a part of this political party anymore. I resign my place as the Chief of propaganda. This party will end one day.".

Soon after that he left the game for a few months and later came back in December 2010.

A new start

Marko Gajinovic came back from the the land of the dead in December 2010.

He founded his newspaper Komunisticki Glasnik and went up all the way to level 20.

At the first days of his return he started searching for his old friends but soon realized that all died few months after him. The Komunisticka Partija Srbije no longer existed, so he joined another Serbian communist party called Narodna Partija but soon after he arrived the party was TO and renamed to LDP.

He started searching for communist political parties but the communism wasn't popular. Gajinovic later joined the party successor of Komunisticka Partija Srbije called Savez Komunista Srbije.


Marko Gajinovic started communising the Serbian people but it was unsuccessful. He was in the now disbanded paramilitary unit called Crveni Bataljon (eng. Red Battalion). Fighting in the Balkan wars against Croatia he almost died. He went to Ireland to help the local resistance fight the "British oppressor" as he called the British. He was again severely wounded and stayed in Dublin until October 10th and went back to Serbia.

==In march of 2012 he wanted to retire from politics.That was until the 22 march 2012 when he traveled to Ireland and requested a citizenship. He fought against the British in Dublin in a resistance war and got his first BH medal there.


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Freedom Fighter (x0)
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Hard Worker (x1)
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Congress Member (x0)
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Country President (x0)
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Media Mogul (x0)
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Super Soldier (x5)
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True Patriot (x0)
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Prestige Hunter (x0)
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ONE soldier* (x1)
Citizen of Serbia