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Dead citizen
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Nationality Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbian
Date of birth 10 October 2008
Date of death 6 March 2009
Residence Southern Serbia
Sex Male
Congress member of Austria
Party president of Austrian-Serbian Alliance
Military rank Icon rank Private*.png Private*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Matija was a citizen of Serbia. He gained some power as a member of the Austrian-Serbian Alliance and served in the Austrian congress. His death by permanent banning was discovered on March 6, 2009.

Austrian scandal

Triumvirate (Azoo Lazzo, Ser_Jolex, Matija) were involved in scandal of transferring money to their private accounts.

Azoo, as the new President of Austria received the keys of the National Bank of Austria. Keys that the Governor and former President, Aanok Tourmil also held.

Azoo abused the position and gave the password to Matija, Party President of ASA, who transferred money to his account through the Monetary market and then they changed the keys to the bank.
Then they made a mistake when the stolen money (Icon-gold.gif 215 GOLD and 15.900 ATS) was donated to Nikola018. This donation is of course on the lists of donations of both players [[1]]. Austrians quickly traced the money and discovered the culprits... and they were not happy.

The Triumvirate began selling ATS on the monetary market so that they could take as much gold as possible - the result was a sharp drop in the value of Austrian ATS, which fell from 55 ATS for 1 Gold to over 200 ATS for the Gold (300% inflation). Of the stolen money, 200 gold pieces was returned to the Bank and negotiation started on a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

Serbian scandal

On election day, 6th March 2009, admins banned Matija, the only Serbian candidate on this elections. This helped BorKan, a Croatian candidate to win the elections and becoming the first President of Serbia. Reasons for banning were never clarified.