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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth 29 July 2009
Date of death 2014 (est)
Residence Hokkaido
Sex Male
Vice President of Japan
6 July 2010 – 5 September 2010
Preceded by Nowe
Succeeded by Shim Myeong
Minister of Defence of Japan
6 January 2010 – 5 February 2010
Preceded by KITA Ikki
Succeeded by Dokomo
Minister of Interior of Japan
6 November 2009 – 5 January 2010
Preceded by Reiji Mitsurugi
Succeeded by exReality
Minister of Health, Education, and Welfare of Japan
21 October 2009 – 5 November 2009
Preceded by Goku Jones
Succeeded by Position abolished
Secretary of Education of Japan
September 14 2009 – 20 October 2009
Preceded by Ryuu Toumori
Succeeded by plzdaddynooooo
Congress member of Hokkaido, Japan
26 September 2009 – 25 October 2009
26 November 2009 – 25 December 2009
Congress member of Chugoku, Japan
26 October 2009 – 25 November 2009
Congress member of Kanto, Japan
26 December 2009 – 25 February 2010
26 June 2010 – N/A
Congress member of Kyushu, Japan
26 May 2010 – 25 June 2010
Ambassador to Canada of Japan
28 August 2009 – 1 January 2010
Ambassador to United States of Japan
28 August 2009 – 31 October 2009
Preceded by Geno Garon
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force*.png World Class Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Metic was Japanese Minister of Defense and Internal Affairs, Country Vice President and a Congress member who lived in Kanto, Japan. Metic was a soldier in Japanese Imperial Army.

Early Life

Born in Chungcheongnam-do, Metic was raised under the impression that he was a South Korean. As a student, he went to school over in Gyeonggi-do Public School. From his first memory, Metic had always been working over at the Kanto Magic Potions. An avid Potion maker, Metic learned to hone his manufacturing skills at a very young age. The child of an immigrant Chinese family, he also has a basic working knowledge of Chinese.

Later on in life, he opened up a new weapons factory in Kanto, producing weapons and managing the employees there. From that, he overlooked the reopening of an Iron factory in Colombia and later a Diamond Mine over in Canada.

He moved onto slaving in the munition factories, producing Q5 weapons for various employers.

Political Career

From the Outside

At a ripe age, Metic was curious about the inner workings about the Japanese state. It started with reading several select newspapers from established members to later reading most articles that were published in the Japanese media. It was at this brief time that Metic identified himself as a Korean first and foremost. Frequenting their forums, Metic started to comment on select topics and building up a relationship with Korean leaders. In his spare time, he also designed the current forum banner used at those forums.

Coming of Age

As Metic grew older, he was finally able to officially join a political party. Looking around at all the parties, it appeared to Metic that there was truly not much to find. Parties offered little as to what they offered and stood for. Looking through some prominent members of the Japanese community, he saw the Imperial Sun Party flash up more than once and decided upon that very party.

Almost a month in came the August congressional elections which Metic was keen to see live. It was at this time that Metic's name was being thrown around for candidature as well. An active member of the South Korean community, he was being considered to be the tenth candidate for Congress in soon-to-be liberated Gyeongsangnam-do. Back in Japan, he was messaged by party officials to be a candidate as well. Being offered a spot to run in one of the less populated South Korean regions, Metic placed his bet on his home region of Chungcheongnam-do. Throughout this election, Metic kept tabs on all declared candidates for the party.

Congress Candidature

The race in Chungcheongnam-do was a hotly contested one, contrary to what it initially seemed to be. He was the only candidate in the region until the very last day of campaigning where two Godzilla Party members joined the race as well as fellow party member Kijuju. A region of nine people, Chungcheongnam-do had one eligible voter who didn't have a job at the time. Unable to contact any residents, Metic would have to rely on out-of-town voters. It was clear. Chungcheongnam-do would be decided by party voters.

Election day proved to be very eventful, being the first ever contested elections of the Godzilla Party. Metic cast his vote in the afternoon at Daejeon mid-afternoon to find that he was in the lead with two votes. He kept this slim lead and added a third vote until the early evening when GP voters came through. The night ended disastrously for the campaign with his opponents ending up with six votes each.

Metic later won congressional throughout the rest of 2009 under the ISP ticket in both Chugoku and Hokkaido. Soon after, he departed that party to lead the newly founded Democratic Party of Japan, winning congress elections via the ISP ticket until January.

Ascending to Cabinet

Mainly staying active within the party and to a lesser extent to the national forums, Metic talked with friends who mentioned that the Sempai-Kouhai Program still lacked a coordinator. Taking this in full, he thought this over the next few days and what he could actually do. In early September, Metic talked to President Minamoto who confirmed Metic as the next S-K program coordinator and the Secretary of Education.

Ten days afterwards, he ran in Hokkaido for the Imperial Sun Party and won 17 votes, second in Hokkaido and fourth country-wide.

Later on in October, amid the resignation of Secretary of Health, Goku Jones, Metic took on his duties and became a full minister, holding the title Minister of Health, Education, and Welfare. Two weeks later, with the election of President Dokomo, Metic became Minister of Interior, also absorbing the duties of his old post.

After a short stint as Commander of the Japanese Imperial Navy to replace an absent Chaotic1, newly-elected President KITA Ikki named Metic as the new Minister of Defense on January 6th, 2010, which he served until February 5th, 2010. He retired from active duty in the military and from the political scene altogether at this date.


Just a month before v2 came online, Metic returned to the community and quickly tried to reintegrate himself with the scene. With v2 on the horizon, Metic decided to migrate to becoming a Project Manager and proficient in Artillery. He also became the first Vice President in v2 under exReality.

Journalism Career

Metic's Report is the bulletin that Metic has frequently published in. Most of which have had to do with the political scene in Japan. Some of the articles published in Japan can be seen below: