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Dead citizen

Mike Wooldridge

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Nationality Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgian
Date of birth Day 777
Date of death 2013
Residence Brussels
Congress member of Belgium
26 February 2010 – ?
Party president of Res Belgica
16 September 2010 – 16 October 2010
Preceded by Habraka Abrivianius
Succeeded by Helviro
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Political positions overview


His religon is not official - Zamiatinism.

"Praise be to Aldous the Meek , Zamiatinism , and fellow Beerist's"

Full story

Mike Wooldridge was born on day 777 just before eGermany was defeated by ePoland. After a week of living in the eUK , he started to realise didn't feel like he was a part of the country. So on day 789 he moved to the newly independent Belgium.

However when he arrived there he found that the economy was in a pitiful condition, there was barely any food, and the country was split between Pro-Eden and Pro-Phoenix propaganda in the news. However seeing this he had the thought that maybe eBelgium needed his loyalty more than UK, so he applied for citizenship , not knowing much about eBelgium when he arrived he did research on the country, the past PTO's, its voluntary unions with UK and Netherlands which created the UNL.

As time went by he started to notice new parties appearing, obviously some of them were foreigners trying to PTO eBelgium, but 1 party stood out and that was Belgium for Belgians, so he researched on the party read newspapers, and he realised that this party was best for him and eBelgium.

As time went by, Mike became congressman for Flanders, and as he became congressman he put his plan into motion of trying to increase the ammount of RL Belgians in eBelgium. He saw that the only way to guarantee eBelgium was safe from future PTO threats was through an increase of RL Belgians, who would work towards making their country better because of RL ties. During Mike's 4th term in Congress for Flanders he became the eBelgian ambassador to eIreland, taking over from Stilpo, and a couple of days later he became the ambassador to the eUSA and eUK.

It come to the stage later on of when Mike would gain is 5th term in Congress for Flanders, however BfB had strayed away from what it used to represent, and when they made a plan which threatened the future democracy of eBelgium and the National Pride of its People, he then made the decison on day 956 to join Res Belgica as a Congressman.

During Mike Wooldridge's 7th term in congress and 2nd full term in congress for Res Belgica on Day 1029, the party president of Res Belgica, left his post, and Mike became party president.

Mike later gained his 8th term in congress, however soon realised the community of eBelgium was no longer the same, he had made many friends, however had also lost many, he started to think alot about wether to leave his beloved eBelgium behind, and came to the conclusion to change eCountry. He resigned his congress seat and handed the Party Presidency over to Helviro, then wrote an article saying farewell to Belgium.

Mike Wooldridge left Belgium on Day 1044, although he had not made his mind up of what country to immigrate to, he chose to move to Portugal for the time being, on his arrival he was met with suspicion by the ePortugese government, and was not made as comfortable as he thought he would, however he still fought in the battle against Spain in the region of the Algarve, which he had moved to, then moving to Aletanjo soon after because of the loss of the region. On Day 1048 however the region of Aletanjo was captured by the eUSA. In the eUSA newspaper articles, there was an advert asking people to immigrate to New Zealand, and so once reading the article he gained a ticket and moved to the Tasmania region of Australia on Day 1049, waiting for when eNew Zealand was available to be moved to.

On Day 1052 Mike , finally immigrated to eNew Zealand and gained citizenship. However after only 5 days of citizenship, Mike became incredibly homesick and wished to go back to eBelgium , so on day 1057 he looked at the market to see if he could get a moing ticket however there were no movng tickets in eNew Zealand, however the panicing Mike Wooldridge was saved by Sammy Tanghe who donated two moving tickets to him so he could get back to his homeland.

When he had got back he re-established himself as a congressman for Res Belgica and spent a 9th and 10th term in congress in eBelgium , however some time in his 10th term he slipped into a coma. He awoke 2 months later on Day 1,153 , and found that alot had happened whilst he was gone , however stil the eBelgium community was as friendly as always and welcomed him back once again.

And on Day 1,163 he not only became a Congressman for Flanders for the 11th time, he became Ambassador to eHungary and the Minister of Immigration in Sammy Tanghe's Cabinet after Mikhail Alexander left eBelgium. He enjoyed his new job of MoI, however his job as Ambassador to Hungary, was not what he expected, Mike had gone into the job expecting to make many new friends, but the eHungarians were hard to contact.

On Day 1,174 he became Minister of Home Affairs in LeValeureuxLiegeois's Cabinet, once he had the job of MoHA he resigned his job as Ambassador to Hungary. Mike remained MoHA during Shadowukcs presidency, after LeValeureuxLiegeois tragically had to resign. Nearing the Congressional elections of February 2011, Mike joined the eBelgian Army, and fought against eFrance during the "Kallmar Incident", as a result of the war, Belgium had been left with only Flanders thanks to France occupying Brussels and Wallonia, in the Congressional elections he ended up being one of just ten people getting elected to congress, however shortly after Mike dissapeared.

Help from Aldous

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On Day 1,263 Mike had awoken, the exact instant he had returned he became confused. "Who am these new faces? What as happened to the people i used to know? A war with the eUK?! , Can i ever get used to eBelgium again?"

Then out of the darkness he heard a familiar voice..... "You have been gone for 3 months Mike Wooldridge , a lot of things have changed since you dissapeared , come sit with me , have yourself an ice cold Beer to calm your nerves"

Mike could not believe what he was seeing , it was Aldous the Meek! "Aldous why do you honour me with your presence? I do not deserve it"

"Because Mike you am an eBelgian in need of guidance"

Sipping my Beer, Mike silently said: "But Aldous i don't know if i want to remain an eBelgian , i don't feel like i fit in anymore , so much as changed........should i stay or should i go oh wise Aldous?"

"I can't give you the answer Mike , that you must figure out yourself , but i shall give you the tools so you may gain the answer. Have another Beer , and once you have finished that one have another , keep drinking until you can't drink anymore , then you will gain your answer"

Mike nodded his head down "Thankyou Aldous you are forever wise......." Lifting his head up Aldous had gone , what he said echoed in Mikes mind , so he had a drink then after that one he had another , many more followed , and then all went Black......

He opened his eyes , it was bright , the heat was unbearable , and he was lying on a beach , it seemed only a few hours since he had seen Aldous , but now it was obvious that it had been a lot longer.

"Were the hell am i?" Mike looked around for evidence of his location , people on the beach was wearing shirts with a flag on them , he couldn't make out what the flag was , and then it dawned on him were he was....

"eBrazil!? what the hell , how did i get here" He went to the City Hall to figure out how he had got here , and then found out that he had also applied for Citizenship in eBrazil!

He was trapped in a strange new country , Mike had always wanted to move to eBrazil in the hope it would help him with his Portugese , but he realised this wasn't what he wanted , he wanted to be in eBelgium. Mike managed to get in touch with Critically , and he told him how to get out of his citizenship request.

He caught the first flight possible out of eBrazil and returned to his beloved Flanders , then walked into his house and took a shower , leaving the shower with the towel wrapped around him , when all of a sudden Aldous appeared , Mike jumped back almost dropping his towel.

"Aldous why did you give me all them Beers if you knew i was going to end up in a strange place with no way back?"

Aldous pulled out a seat and Mike sat down , he began explaining his reason for getting Mike drunk.

"You needed an answer , i was just giving you the tools to get that answer , you went to eBrazil because you thought you wanted to leave eBelgium , but when you arrived in eBrazil , you realized the answer was that you wanted to stay in eBelgium and be an eBelgian...... You make mistakes when you are drunk and for you that mistake was leaving eBelgium.....So now you have your answer , you am eBelgian"

Aldous smiled and in a flash he had gone , leaving Mike with a settled mindset of what he wanted to do.

Beerist Missionary

On Day 1,332 Mike began to prepare for a move to another country, he wanted to spread the words of Aldous the Meek to other lands, on day 1,344 he had made up his mind that he was going to spread the word of Aldous to the people of North Korea. He applied for citizenship, then contacted the CP, on what his plans were, the CP AlexQ said that he must contact the countries congress, the congress however soon shown their greed in saying they would only accept the citizenship request if Mike Wooldridge paid 15 - 20 Gold.

Mike Wooldridge was appauled by the North Korean congress's proposition and on Day 1,353 he returned to Belgium, upon his arrival back to eBelgium he had learned that Queen Mittekemuis had abdicated her throne, and politics was beginning to heat up once again.

It was on day 1,425 during the eBelgian "Civil War" that Mike started to become active again in eBelgian life, on Day 1,430 he became an active member in the eBelgian Civilian Army. On Day 1,461 Mike wished to show is political affiliation however once re-joining Res Belgica he chose a more backstage stance and he drifted away once again.