Ministério da Educação

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Ministry of Education
Government of Brazil

General Information
Country BrazilBrazil
Abbreviation MdE
Newspaper MdE - Diario Educativo
Part of Government of Brazil
Type Ministry
Ministers And-Galo, Andrey Palmeira, Cara de Gato, MarcioPopo and Mav Brasil
Assistents BCamargo, JuliusEhNozes, Dio LFernandoX and Lekita

The Ministry of Education of Brazil (Portuguese: Ministério da Educação), also known as MdE, is the ministry responsible for promoting the development of education on Brazil, and for that purpose Ministry uses newspaper MdE - Diario Educativo.

Ministry started at the end of 2010, and published its first article on Nov 03, 2010 under the name Tutorial mIRC + Recrutamento. Today, Ministry published over 600 articles, almost all of them tutorials for new citizens.

The ministry consists of Minister Chief, who runs the ministry, as well as having several ministers of Education and a huge number of assistents.