Ministry of Information of Montenegro

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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Ministry of Information
Government of Montenegro
Ministry of Information of Montenegro.jpg

General Information
Country MontenegroMontenegro
Headquarters Montenegrin Coast
Newspaper Sluzbeni list eCrne Gore

Ministry of Information of Montenegro was responsible for providing citizens with the latest news from Montenegro and the whole World. It was positioned within government, chosen by the president. Almost every government had this ministry included. It used to be one of the main ministries in the beginning, but it's importance decreased over time, so good journalists weren't interested in working in this ministry anymore.

"Golden age" of this ministry was in March 2013, when President Petar Popara Crni hired three of the best journalists in the country (they were among the best in the region as well) – IvanNiksic, simplyme83 and Bogohulja. Their articles were praised by the citizens for being comprehensive, objective and well written. New visual look also received good critics. Bogohulja was charged for warfare analyses, international politics and recommended reading, simplyme83 wrote about local politics and economy, and IvanNiksic wrote about game changes and other stuff. At the end of the month, simplyme83 and IvanNiksic quit the game, and Bogohulja resigned three months later.

The Ministry newspaper is called Sluzbeni list eCrne Gore.

List of Ministers

Date Minister(s) Deputy/ies
October 2010 3latko /
November 2010 3latko, Nessko /
December 2010 ?
January 2011 Pedja16 /
February 2011 Nessko /
March 2011 ScoLLe Reaper 13
April 2011 ScoLLe Vojvoda Misic
May 2011 ?
June 2011 Armon Draken Korin
July 2011 ?
August 2011 Ivan Niksic Kralj I
September 2011 Ivan Niksic Draken Korin
October 2011 Ivan Niksic SlobicaGP
November 2011 Nessko /
December 2011 ?
January 2012 ScoLLe ShonePG, GorskiCar1
February 2012 ScoLLe Zeljko Vukmirovic
March 2012 ScoLLe Savan1, Vojvoda_Misic
April 2012 viamontenegro Elizabeth Gutierrez
May 2012 viamontenegro /
June 2012 Balkan Ruller Elizabeth Gutierrez
July 2012 Balkan Ruller Elizabeth Gutierrez
August 2012 Zeljko Vukmirovic /
September 2012 Zeljko Vukmirovic /
October 2012 ?
November 2012 /
December 2012 IvanNiksic
January 2013 IvanNiksic
February 2013 IvanNiksic
March 2013 IvanNiksic
April 2013 Bogohulja /
May 2013 Bogohulja /
June 2013 Bogohulja /
July 2013 Zeljko Vukmirovic /
August 2013 /
September 2013 /
October 2013 /
November 2013 Zeljko Vukmirovic /
December 2013 /
January 2014 /


* as of January 4, 2014.

Most terms within the office

  1. IvanNiksic: 7
  2. ScoLLe: 5
  3. Bogohulja, Zeljko Vukmirovic: 4
  4. Nessko, simpleme83: 3

Most consecutive terms within the office

  1. IvanNiksic, Bogohulja: 4
  2. IvanNiksic, ScoLLe: 3
  3. 3latko, Zeljko Vukmirovic, simpleme83: 2

Most articles published

  1. IvanNiksic: 22
  2. Nessko: 19
  3. Zeljko Vukmirovic: 18
  4. Bogohulja: 14
  5. ScoLLe: 11