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Nationality Flag-Netherlands.jpg Dutch
Date of birth November 2008
Date of death 2011 (est)
Residence Saarland
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
2nd Chairman of Congressional Commission on Foreign Affairs
February 2009 – March 2009
Congress member of Germany
December 2008 – April 2009
September 2009 – October 2009
Party president of Neue Buergerliche Union
February 2009 – April 2009
Minister of Defence of Germany
April 2009 – April 2009
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

MortenLond was born in Denmark in late October 2008.

At first MortenLond was amazed by the New World, and especially by the discovery that Sweden had overtaken several countries, including Denmark itself. Working for 2 weeks at minimum wage and with little to no wellness, MortenLond was nearly close to death. However a promise on a better pay came from the American Army, so he moved to America for a new life.

The next 3 weeks he learned many things on party politics and foreign policy. Working in Michigan, he was informed by Justin Tyme of a coming German uprising. MortenLond used up all of his American USD for Moving ticket and weapons for the coming battle.

As it was clear Germany was free, two parties were created for the first German presidential election and MortenLond supported FSDP's candidate Justin Tyme for president. As the day progressed it became clear the election would be a close one. Justin lost only by 6 votes, and DKN became president of Germany.

MortenLond was voted into Congress by himself at the first congressional election, coming into Congress as a wild-card. As he took office he quickly became active in the German IRC and the German federal forums. MortenLond was also, unknowingly, chosen to be part of the DKN administration.

During and After Operation Burning Spirit

Operation Burning Spirit was kept secret from congress, and so most of the German congress were surprised when Burning Spirit was started. Nearly all Congressmen left Congress to fight against Sweden for the remaining German territories which had not been given back to Germany. The fight was a hard one and as the day and night came to a close it became clear that the support from PEACE Global Community had come through to help Germany.
MortenLond's MIG-29 fighting Swedish jets over Schleswig-Holstein airspace

At the next presidential election, Justin Tyme and Lhasa both supported DKN for president and as such DKN was voted for a second term. At the second Congressional election MortenLond was the most voted Congressman and took home 14 votes from the German people.

At the January party elections MortenLond strongly supported Nolan Pitler for Party president of Freie Deutsche Demokraten (FDD) against Isy. Several days before, MortenLond published articles supporting Nolan and getting other people to support him as well. At the party election it at first seemed like Nolan was taking a lead, however it was only in the short term. The next morning it stood clear Nolan would lose by 9 votes, and so Isy took the party presidential seat.

Nolan would battle Isy yet again at the February presidential election. Lhasa supported Nolan for president and let him run as their candidate. The day before the election was held, a presidential debate took place between Nolan and Pitler, which was later released in MortenLond's newspaper, The Laughing Man Post.

The next day Isy stood as the clear winner of the election, thereby making Isy the second president of Germany.

MortenLond had for a long time been unhappy with Germany only having 3 parties, so he began planning a party by himself before the February election, a dream of a conservative party. In February, MortenLond released an article proclaiming: Conservatives unite! The article got well noticed and people showed their interest in a conservative party.

Following the Party president elections, the 4th congressional election was held on February 25th 2009. during the day it became clear some of the BD candidates would not be able to get into congress. However MortenLond was the most voted for congressman for a second time with 11 votes.

Bürgerliches Deutschland

After a long inaugural congress on 11-2-2009 taking 3 hours, it was decided by the participants that the party should be founded following the inaugural congress and after that the party program would be laid out to the German people.

On February 16th 2009 the party president elections took place. Starting of a little rough, MortenLond was down by 2-3 votes. However as the day went on more people came online to vote for either MortenLond and Starkad. At 21 GMT the BD elections were over, as 100% of the party had placed their votes. MortenLond won with 14-8 votes. It was the first time a party had gotten a Presence of 100%, and following 22 GMT the 100% went to 104%.

On February 25th 2009, the 4th congress elections were held. Bürgerliches Deutschland looked to get 10 seats in congress, however as the day continued, it became clear BD would only get 8 seats. BD now controls 17.5% of congress.

Following the Union of Austria and Germany, BD changed name to Bürgerliche Union. MortenLond endorsed Starkad as BU presidential candidate for April and Starkad won the presidential to become the 3rd president of Germany.

Taking time off

He moved to the UK and enjoyed a few months off.

Germany again!!!

After talking to Konrad Neumann, he moved back to Germany and became the Vice President of Open Mind Germany He also became a congressman again.


  • Helped liberate Germany
  • Was a congressman under DKN's administration
  • Member of DKN's administration.
  • Was a congressman under Isy's administration
  • Member of Isy's administration
  • Congressional soldier.
  • Fought in every German war
  • Created Bürgerliches Deutschland
  • Voted as Party president of Bürgerliches Deutschland