Moscow and Central Russia

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Moscow and Central Russia

Icon-Russia.png Russia

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Moscow and Central Russia
Map of the region
Capital Moscow
Language Russian, English
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The Moscow and Central Russia is a native region of Russia. This region usually has the highest number of citizens in Russia compared to other Russian regions.


The Moscow Region was taken over by Romania on 27 December 2008 as a result of the Romania-Russia War. It was returned to Norway in March, and later ceded by Norway to Finland on 6 April 2009 in anticipation of a Hungarian takeover, and was Finnish region. PEACE GC struck a deal with Finland and asked they return Moscow, and in turn not provide support to Latvia when Finland invaded them. Finland agreed and the region was returned to Russia, though Finland was betrayed in the end.

Resistance War

On 9 June, 2009 polar-fox started resistance war and Moscow Region returned to Russia


Moscow and Central Russia is neighbored by following regions: