Movimiento Americano Social (Argentina)

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Movimiento Americano Social

Party-Movimiento Americano Social.png
General Information
Country Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina
Abbreviation MAS
Founded 11 August 2008
Dissolved 15 February 2009
(in Argentina)
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Partido Bolchevique Argentino
Succeeded By Covergencia Nacionalista Argentina
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Movimiento Americano Social ("American Social Movement" in English) was an Argentinian political party, created and mainly populated by RL Chileans while their country wasn't in the New World's map. When they left, on January 14th, 2009, when Chile got created, just a bunch of members stayed, but not enough to keep the party alive, which ended on next month's party president elections, when the power fell over new hands and got renamed Convergencia Nacionalista Argentina. The Chileans, at the same time, continuated the project, technically without letting it die and remaining a major actor in the Chilean political scene.

Party presidents

Term Beginning Term End President Comment Link
11 August 2008 10 September 2008 El Nihilista In this election, the MAS was created, after getting control of the inactive
Partido Bolchevique Argentino.
11 September 2008 10 October 2008 Ciago Oscasi [2]
11 October 2008 15 October 2008 El Nihilista [3]
16 October 2008 Unknown galle13 Taking advantage that nobody nominated themselves for the first party elections
on V1
, he just joined and nominated himself, getting control of the party in
order to do a joke with the party name: he named it MENOS.
Unknown 15 November 2008 Unknown Some days later, galle13 resigned and the party got back to being MAS. [6]
16 November 2008 15 December 2008 El Nihilista [7]
16 December 2008 15 January 2009 helo12 [8]
16 January 2009 15 February 2009 Daneel Olivaw In February elections, Daneel Olivaw didn't got enough votes to evade that the party gets taken over by gera74, who founded Convergencia Nacionalista Argentina from it. [9]