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Mr. Naizugai

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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth 27.12.2009
Date of death Unknown
Residence Hovedstaden
Sex Male
President of Denmark
10. September - 2010 – 5. October - 2010
Preceded by Srbin kv
Succeeded by hurkancs
Congress member of Denmark
26. March - 2010 – 10. September - 2010
27. October - 2010 – November 2010
6. January - 2010 – 27. January - 2010
25. October - 2010 – 1. January - 2011
Rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***

Born in Japan, Kanto and was Japanese Ambassador of Sweden for a short time before he moved to Denmark, Hovedstaden where he was living and where he died. "Naizugai" is Japanese and roughly means "a nice guy". This however, may not imply that he actually is a nice guy. Be aware that "Naizugai" is originally spelt "Naisugai" but was changed to make it more personal. Mr. Naizugai was originally NizeGuy, but was unjustifiably banned for using multiple accounts and than banned again with this account.

The Business World

Mr. Naizugai was the CEO and owner of The Scandinavian Trade Union and EarthCore Corporation. The Scandinavian Trade Union was the first organization created and was originally created by NizeGuy. EarthCore Corporation was created in China, Liaoning by Mr. Naizugai and used for raw material companies.


Mr. Naizugai was often involved in the Danish politics and often spoke his mind when necessary. He won his first congress election in March 26, 2010 with the second highest amount of votes. He attended his first presidential election in September 2010 which he sadly lost to a group of PTO's. Luckily the congress was supportive of Mr. Naizugai and therefore impeached the president, making Mr. Naizugai the president of Denmark. He was member of Great_Two_Fish_Ovens party.

Royalty and Orders

After a long period without a king, Mr. Naizugai reinstated Stente as the new king of the Danish timeshare monarchy. Later, Captain King Stente announced Mr. Naizugai was of noble birth and the Duke of the House of KiV (København indenfor Voldene).

Mr. Naizugai is a member of The Order of Christian X where several citizens of Denmark was rewarded because of their efforts against the Serbian PTO in Denmark.

Journalism - "Field of the Danes"

Mr. Naizugai spend a lot of his time writing provocative articles about Serbs under their 6 month long PTO attempt of Denmark.

Sadly, most of the articles have been deleted by the admins.

Mr. Naizugai's view on the admins

"The admins are a bunch of incompetent assholes who have no idea about what they are doing. They jump to conclusion so fast that is sickens me to know that people with such a low IQ is allowed to administrate a game, where politics, propaganda, differences and war is some of the key features in the game. The most idiotic part of this, is how they exists as "The Enforcers" but without a real court system. All this of course is not only to be blamed on the admins, but also on the people behind the game and the "eRepublik Laws", which can not be called laws, since they are completely incompetent and stupid. It's just sad really and it will surely be the downfall of eRepublik, unless they loosen up a little. The biggest problem is the stupidity of the admins. I can risk getting PP if I write something that an admin doesn't quite understand because he lack the understanding of the language English. Not to mention my culture as well. You can't "Swear" or use "vulgar" words for some lame reason. I can't say "fuck" without getting PP, but you know what? Fuck you admins! I use the word "fuck" 500 times a day and so do everyone else, so why the hell is it forbidden to use? I didn't know eRepublik was for 8 year old kids and fanatic, religious people? Fuck those people. I thought we had "freedom of Speech" in this game, but we obviously have NOT! You fail x 1000!"

This is only some of the many outbursts from Mr. Naizugai and writing them all would simply take up too much space on the wiki, sadly.

Quotes of Mr. Naizugai

  • "Think you got something wrong A. Holst. In eRefuckshit, commies are just trolls in disguise."
  • "500DKK to the communists? What the h***!"
  • "Så går man her og tror at den største Dansktalende troll er smuttet tilbage til sin hule og så kommer den tilbage med sit hidtil åndsvageste troll forsøg"
  • "My head hurts from all the facepalms I just made, reading the comments..."

Ingame medals

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif
Hard Worker (x13)
Icon achievement congressman on.gif
Congress Member (x8)
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif
Battle Hero (x2)
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x7)



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