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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Chile.jpg Chilean
National rank 8
Date of birth May 6, 2008
Residence Bukovina, Romania
Sex Male
Political party Macanudo Party
Congress member of Romania
June 2, 2008 – July 1, 2008
October 2008 – November 2008
Military unit Fuerzas Armadas Zippystas
Military rank Icon rank Legends.png Legend
Legend title Legends of Chile: Trico Battalion I
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

The Beginning

Short history

  • June 2, 2008 - became Congress member of Romania thanks to eRomanian Democratic Party
  • June 2008 :
  • Regrets the decision to become congressman, because he can not leave the country and fight in wars
  • buys more shares at Hurricane Proof Roofs, company which joined with 4 other companies, creating Imperial Housing, the biggest housing company in Romania, with companies in all 4 quality levels

  • July 2008 :
  • Becomes partner in the eBancPost bank
  • Starts solo fighting in the Second Sweden-Germany War
  • Joines FAR (Romanian Paratroopers)
  • Fights with FAR in the Balkan Wars spending most of his hard-earned money, more then 30 gold
  • Feels the call to arms, and decides that he wants to be an elite soldier

  • August 2008:
  • Takes back his funds from eBancPost
  • Marries Athena the Goddess
  • Goes on the honeymoon in Canada
  • Is co-founder of Slovenian Holding, manager of Infinity Foods
  • Returns towards the end of the month in Romania, in order to take part in World War I

  • September 2008:
  • Fights in World War I until the war is paused by the admins
  • Joines eRomania Unita party
  • Starts preparing for v1, gathering gold for some raw materials companies
  • Starts the betting agency Infinity Bets
  • Guesses the date when V1 will be released
  • Moves to Bulgaria for shopping

  • October 2008:
  • Returns to Romania
  • Becomes V1 tester
  • Prepares for v1
  • V1 is released !
  • Creates the South Africa Union organisation , manager of Infinity Diamonds
  • Starts working in the land domain in the company Infinity Diamonds
  • Creates the Infinity Gifts and Infinity Cereals companies, managed by Infinity Bets organisation


Accomplished :

  • To become company manager
  • To become congressman
  • To fight for Romania
  • To be an elite soldier
  • To be an active eRepublik citizen

To accomplish :

  • To become party president
  • To become congressman, again
  • To help Romanians

Projects & Actions

All about the projects he's taken part in!



He owned for about a month around 20% of the bank eBancPost, approximately 45 gold.

Infinity Foods

Started Infinity Foods with 2 friends (andip and spiderboy193) with an initial investment of Icon-gold.gif 70 GOLD. This initial investment grew to 105. It became the largest company in Slovenia. The company had a stock of over 3300 q1 food and 2 export licenses to Czech Republic and United Kingdom. The shares were:

  • Infinity13 - 50% - Manager, Shareholder
  • spiderboy193 - 25% - Shareholder
  • Andip - 25% - Shareholder

Infinity Bets

This was a betting agency operating in Romania. You can find more about all the bets at Statistics and about the winners at Winner Statistics. The agency is closed.

Czech Gifts

This gifts company, based in Czech Republic, was born from the partnership between me and Seductiv. Unfortunatly the company only worked for about 1 month, and after that it was sold.

Infinity Diamonds

Once v1 was out first raw materials company HAD to produce Diamonds. This was how the company was started. Export license to Romania was purchased! It started working here to produce the rare raw materials.

Infinity Cereals

Grain company in Romania. Managed by Infinity Bets organisation.

Infinity Gifts

Gifts company in Romania. Managed by Infinity Bets organisation.


All the Wars in which Infinity13 fought

Second Sweden-Germany War

The first war he took part in. He was there as a freelancer, fighting for Sweden. He only fought 3 or 4 fights.

Balkan Wars

He fought for Greece, from Romania. He fought as a member of FAR (romanian paratroopers) AND spent over 30-40 gold from HIS pocket to have as many fights in this war as HE could.

World War I

He fought for Romania against Hungary and had most of his victories in this war! They managed to defeat PEACE against all odds & bugs! He spent over 40 gold from my pocket to fight the Hungarians (or better said the Italians, because they were the ones with most wins!)



Infinity13 was co-founder of the project eOrfelinatul along with dani36, created to help the poor citizens of Romania to buy their own home. They only managed to offer money for houses to 2 or 3 users, because unfortunately the SO was somehow hacked and all the money they raised was gone. Even the admin had no explanation as to where or how the money disappeared.


eHospital (also known as eBunica) was founded by Seductiv and Infinity13. Its purpose was to offer wellness to those who needed it cheaper compared to the market of gifts (the SO was not used for this purpose during wars so that that they wouldn`t be accused of trying to profit from the war to make money!). They offered more then 1200 wellness in total. The other use eHospital had was during World War I when it raised money to help the military organisations defeat Hungary. They raised a total of 43.51 gold !


Infinity13 hunted multi-accounts and reported them to admins!


No Spam

He messaged & commented on the articles considered spam, informing the users (usually new users) that it was forbidden to write spam articles.

Lost Articles

He wrote a few interesting articles during his life, but most of them were lost because he had to abandon newspaper when he changed the country! The only article that has survived from Beta is Knights Tournament.


Citizen info

V1 Skills

  • Constructions 6.11
  • Manufacturing 2.9
  • Land 2.4