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N ePaper

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General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Owner spur
Founded Day 802
Subscribers 78 (as of day 960)
Articles 57
Content Finance

N ePaper provided statistics for the current day, and a comparison to recent history. This included:

  • Australian resource (food, weapons, gifts, houses and moving tickets) price,
  • Australian exchange market buy and sell price
  • brief details of the current economy and population
  • a short summary.

The newspaper's aim was to publish every 2 days.

Explanation and example of the Paper's Logo, which changes for each edition

At the time of writing, N ePaper was ranked the number 86th/1032 Australian newspaper and the 9291th/80197 newspaper in erepublik (in the top 12%). N ePaper gets an average of about 10 votes per article.

Fun Fact

The 'N' in N ePaper is not really to make it sound like 'Any Paper' but more so because N is such a nice letter.

Latest Resources

These are presented from most to least recent. It is perhaps convenient to read the paragraphs from the bottom up.

Q2 and Q3 gifts spiked and lowered to become the same on day 930. On approximately day 930, the Reserve Bank of Australia made a mistake and accidentally donated a large amount (2000) of Gold on the exchange market for a very small AUD price (35), presumably mistaking the Gold to AUD (1:57) price for the AUD to Gold (1:0.018) price. On day 833, erepublik administrators replaced the Gold. The Q5 weapon price slowly continued to lower and became lower than the Q4 price by day 936, and continued to be lower for at least 4 days. Also by day 936, Q3 moving tickets became available, meaning a player could move regions without losing any health.

N ePaper's latest graph for quality 1 market items, for days 900-930 (9 Apr-7 June 2010). Note that this graph goes slightly higher than the previous.

This month the weapon price peaked again before falling back slightly. The second peak was likely due to wars, and the moving ticket price also followed, although it appears to have been late. Although the lower weapon qualities lowered in price towards the end of the month, Q4 rose since day 911, and Q5 spiked and lowered, accentuating a large division between the lower and higher qualities.
The moving ticket price rises again towards the end of the month. It is hypothesised that this may be players moving overseas to buy weapons and fight, or political imposters leaving after trying to influence the government (relevantly, at the end of the month, the presidential elections were the subject of an Indonesian PTO attempt).
This month Q3 followed quickly by Q5 Gifts were introduced to the market and had become sustained by the end.

Here are some editions which summerise the month:
Day 906, Day 911, Day 919, Day 927, Day 930

N ePaper's market graph for days 870-900 (9 Apr-9 May 2010).

The effects of the battles to gain WA back for Australia can be seen in the last half, which proves the effect of wars on the economy. What can't be seen in the graph is the huge spike, and slow partial-return of higher quality weapons, while all weapon prices rose. This period showed the maturing of the housing industry (which was probably set in motion last month) from 1 to 4 qualities continuously available.

Here are some editions which summerise the month:
Day 872, Day 877, Day 886, Day 892, Day 894, Day 900

N ePaper's market graph for days 840-870 (10 Mar-10 Apr 2010).

On day 848, changes were made to the rules so hospitals only heal the wellness lost in battles, which is presumably why the gift price temporarily rose over the weapon price. The rise in moving ticket price towards the end of the month may be due to the increasing wars Australia had been involved in. Corresponding changes in food and weapons aren't seen in the graph for these events because only quality 1 prices are shown. People would most likely be buying Q4/Q5 food to help maintain wellness because they can't gain it from the hospital, and Q4/Q5 weapons when fighting in a war.

N ePaper's market graph for days 810-840 (8 Feb-10 Mar 2010).

The slow drop in moving ticket and weapon prices from this graph to the next may be due to Australia (or Australia's allies) not participating in many wars; moving tickets are used to travel to allied countries to help them in wars.