Nacionalist Party of eBulgaria

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Nacionalist Party of eBulgaria

Party-Nacionalist Party of eBulgaria.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
Abbreviation NPE
Founded Day 1635
Dissolved Day 1640
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Ha MoPeTo c1M


Nacionalist Party of eBulgaria was a minor party in Bulgaria founded on Day 1635 of the New World by samotenvoin and KillMeOrDieNow. The party was PTOed on Day 1640 of the New World by Empiree, because of its anti-BNF ideas.

Goals and ideas

The party had extreme views for politics and Bulgaria's future which wasn't liked by the majority of the citizens:

  • Kicking pseudo nationalistic parties out. BNF is referred and it becomes the party's biggest enemy.
  • First political power in Bulgaria.
  • Preventing the loss of national unity.
  • Returning Macedonia to Bulgaria.

Unfortunately, these ideas led to the death of the party. After party was dissolved, samotenvoin left Bulgaria.

Party Presidents

Date Party president
May 2012 samotenvoin