Napalm Norm

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Napalm Norm

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth May 26, 2012
Date of death N/A
Residence Pennsylvania, USA
Sex Male
Political party American Military Party
Newspaper Holonet Archive
Director of Ambassadorial Affairs of USA
October 2012 – December 2012
Communication Staff Member of USA
June 2012 – August 2012
Ambassador of USA
August – November
Congressman of USA
November 2012 – December 2012
September 2013 – October 2013
Military unit Ultramarines
Position Member
Military rank Icon rank God of War*.png God of War*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


First eLife

Napalm Norm's first eLife began in November of 2009 during version 1 of eRepublik. Originally going by the name of Eapeih, he quickly began developing his military prowess and soon joined the elite Seal Team 6. Napalm Norm was a member of the Libertarian Party however, he remained inactive in politics during his first eLife. Like many players, Napalm Norm's life ended very soon after the release of eRepublik Rising, due to discontent with the revamp.

Second eLife

Military Career


Upon returning to eRepublik Napalm Norm first joined the Anonymous military unit. He spent the first two months of his eLife as a member and captain of Anonymous while he began learning the fundamentals of the game.


As Napalm Norm began to focus on developing his military prowess, he realized the need to join a communing MU that had a tight knit group of members. In July of 2012, Napalm Norm found his home in the USAF's Air Force. He was assigned to the 3rd Fighter Wing, where he remained for the duration of his service in the Airforce. In September 2012, shortly after the Slyk Willy debacle and mass exodus of Executive Officers, Napalm Norm retired from the Air Force and joined his friends in the newly formed VMA-214 Black Sheep.

VMA-214 Black Sheep

Rogue Squadron