Nathan Woods

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Nathan Woods

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 258
Date of birth 5 September 2008 - Day 290
Residence Oklahoma
Sex Male
Party president of Nationalist Party
Congressman of USA
Rank Icon rank Private.png [[Military rank|Icon Captain.jpg Captain]]

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Nathan Woods started out his life as a lowly minimum wage worker.
He quickly grasped the game and started to rise up in rank, as well as joining the America's Advancement Party, eventually running for mayor, but losing to Leroy Combs. After the Evan Bayh crisis, he quit the party and was affiliated in a presidential party run in the America First Party.
Woods was promoted to a NG squad leader along with Kyle321n as well as being chosen to be the ambassador to Canada under President Dover.
Soon after, Nathan rejoining the AAP after Leo Ruby asked him to come back. He later lost the Congress race by one vote in the closing hours.
He helped start the Ramrod party, later to be renamed the Nationalist Party. Nathan was later re-elected to his second term. After a third term as the Nationalist PP, Nathan decided to become a full-time Congressman.

In the US April 09 elections, Nathan Woods ran for President with former AAP PP Ian John Locke IV as Vice Presidential nominee. They ran on the Nationalist Party ticket.


  • Ex-National Guard Squad leader
  • Appointed Vice-Mayor of Oklahoma
  • Ambassador to Canada
  • Indonesian-Aussie war veteran
  • Very active[?]
  • Congressman to Oklahoma (Twice)
  • Supports ATLANTIS, as well as re-vamping it
  • Proud Ex-Marine
  • Key contributor to RAMROD, later called the Nationalist Party, as well as ex-PP.
  • Ex-PP of the Nationalist Party (Three times)
  • Etc.