Neil Lewis

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Neil Lewis

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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
National rank 39
Date of birth Feb 17, 2012
Political party Pirate Cat Party
Newspaper The GingerEagle's Eye
Party president of UK Progression Party
Congress member of United Kingdom
Military unit Royal Navy
Position Soldier
Military rank Icon rank Titan**.png Titan**
Aircraft rank Staff sergeant 5.png Staff Sergeant*****

Neil Lewis is a RL British citizen, member of UKPP and The Royal Navy. He served as the 2nd Commander of the Royal Navy.


eBorn on 17th February 2012 and joined the UKPP pretty much on day one. It was a toss-up between them and UKRP, as both are right of centre, so he chose what sounded like the more dynamic party. He first ran in a party Presidential Election just before his 1st anniversary in February 2013[1] coming 8th. Came 4th in March 2013[2] when mwcerberus took the helm and tried to kill the party with daily name-changes. Came 2nd in May 2013[3] and June 2013[4] and July 2013 [5]. He finally cracked it in August 2013[6], was re-elected in September 2013[7]. The UKPP actually ran UKRP, as well as ESO, members under UKPP banner for the first time ever[8]!

He took the helm again in January 2014 [9] and he was the de-facto PP in February 2014 when the party was PTO'd by Vuk01 & the Shoe People. In May 2014, with the party now outside the Top 5, and after a party-wide vote, Neil assisted Sambo911 with negotiations to re-merge the party with The UKRP. But, they did not bank on Alfagrem using his credit-card defibrillator to breath new life into the party that even 'WayneKerr, at one point, said should die quickly.

Neil went on to lead UKRP in September 2014[10]. And moved to WBUKP in November 2014, taking the PP job off suezo31 in March 2015[11] until he returned to UKPP, after 13 months away, on 13th June 2015. Neil served a further term as PP in July 2015[12].