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RL British citizen, member of UKPP & The Royal Navy

eBorn on 17th February 2012 and joined the UKPP pretty much on day one. It was a toss-up between them and UKRP, as both are right of centre, so I chose what sounded like the more dynamic party. I first ran in a party Presidential Election just before my 1st anniversary in February 2013 ( coming 8th. Came 4th in March 2013 ( when mwcerberus took the helm and tried to kill the party with daily name-changes. Came 2nd in May 2013 ( and June 2013 ( and July 2013 ( I finally cracked it in August 2013 (, was re-elected in September 2013 ( The UKPP actually ran UKRP, as well as ESO, members under our banner for the first time ever (! Took the helm again in January 2014 (] and was the de-facto PP in February 2014 when the party was PTO'd by Vuk01 & the Shoe People.

In May 2014, with the party now outside the Top 5, and after a party-wide vote, I assisted Sambo911 with negotiations to re-merge the party with UKRP (check our out-of-date wiki page ( for creation history). We did not bank on Alfagrem using his credit-card defibrillator to breath new life into the party that even WayneKerr, at one point, said should die quickly.

OK, I went on to lead UKRP in September 2014 ( And moved to WBUKP in November 2014, taking the PP job off suezo31 in March 2015 ( until I returned to UKPP, after 13 months away, on 13th June 2015.