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Nero Preto

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth June 15 2009, day 573 of the New World
Date of death 2010
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nero Preto was a citizen of USA, who died in 2010.



Nero Preto began his life on June 15 2009, day 573 of the New World as citizen of USA. During the first week, he worked as an employee of Anchorage Oil above 80. But soon after he realized that his salary is not good enough for him living the life in the New World, he decided to resign. On day 577 of the New World, he worked for Blackwood Oil.

Day 579 of the New World, he went to his first battlefield when Ireland attacked Rhode Island, USA (it was a War Game to obtain free wellness for new citizens). On the same day, he also moved from New York to Florida and resigned from his current job in order to get a better daily salary as a worker of Grain Growers Gathering.

Day 580 of the New World, he became a member of Democratic Party. He made a lot of friends after joined in the Party.

Day 581 of the New World, Nero Preto joined in the National Guard Training Division. He was assigned to the 7th Platoon which led by Marcus Kane. Again, he made a lot of friends by became a member of National Guard Training Division.

Day 582 of the New World, he became a press director of The New World Times. His first article was about the reports of the Ambassador achievement. His careers in the New World were quite stead. Slowly but sure, he became a famous citizen among the USA new citizens.

Day 584 of the New World, he made an Organization with his friends from USA, UK and Indonesia. The name is Funesto Foundation This Organization was created in order to help new players by giving them moving tickets, foods and weapons for free.

Day 587 of the New World, Nero Preto left his job and party. Then he went to Croatia, when Serbia attacked its regions, Raska and East Serbia. He helped Croatia and soon, he made a lot of new Croatian friends. On the same day, his military rank was promoted from Private to Corporal.

Day 590 he has a called back to USA in order to get promoted from the National Guard Training Division to the Mobile Infantry. Then he returned to his former party and also got a new job as an employee of MAGYAR-GABONA.

Day 591 of the New World, he got fired by MAGYAR-GABONA. But soon, he found a new job at LexOil-80 wellness only with a high daily salary.

Again on day 592 of the New World, Nero Preto left his current job and went to Brazil in order to use his strengths for the Resistance Forces (even it was a totally waste of golds). He soon back to USA after the fights (on the same day) and worked for High Oil Quality-Co. By doing this, he again made a lot of friends.

He got promoted from Corporal to Sergeant on day 593 of the New World.

Day 597 of the New World, he joined in the Mobile Infantry, Charlie company 4th platoon, under Jimmy Olsen commands. For his first mission as a member of Mobile Infantry, he was sent to Sweden on day 597 and fly back to USA on day 598 of the New World. He received order to stay in New Jersey by then. After that he got promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant.

On day 603, Nero Preto got transferred from Charlie 4 into Bravo 3 under lieutenant Polluxe commands. On the same day, he left High Oil Quality-Co and worked for InterB Wood. He also got his first Hard Worker medal after working for 30 days in a row.

Day 612 of the New World, he received a Society Builder medal. He also build two more Organizations in a day. The name's Funesto Treasury and Funesto Armed Force.

On day 613, he was received order to vote Hadrian X in Midi-Pyrenees, France. In order to do that, he have to resigned from his job. And back again to USA soon after he has done his job. He then worked for Super Steel. On this day, he also got promoted from Lieutenant to Captain.

On day 614, Nero Preto received a Super Soldier medal after gained five strengths level.

Day 616 of the New World, he was forced to move to Donbas, Ukraine, even if he don't want to do that. He then join the United Ukraine, an Ukranian party, by order. There, he have to move from one company to another since the native Ukranians hate mostly citizens from USA.

On day 618 he called back to USA since his mission in Ukraine was a fake. Then, he worked for Texas Tea Company.

On day 622 of the New World Nero Preto build two more organizations, Funesto Corporation and Funesto Group.

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