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early wars (pre-union)



see main article Wars and conflicts of the United Netherlands


UK hack-attack

  • June 2010
    • UK attack the Netherlands, although quite unclear exactly why, it was suspected the UK´s CP account was hacked via a advertisement [1].
    • President Garmr reacted with a counterattack and conquered East of England in the process, which was later returned via an RW.[2]

UK friendly attack

  • October-November 2010
    • PHOENIX asked the Netherlands to let them be wiped by the UK in order to close all current wars[3]. This so the Netherlands would function as a buffer between the UK and Poland, which just conquered Lower Saxony and Bremen[4]. Because the country was wiped, all political parties were gone. Due to a plead to the admin the biggest ones were returned.

Poland invasion

  • January 2011
    Netherlands 30 january 2011 (pink is Poland)
    • Poland declared the Netherlands "Natural enemy" and attacked the Eastern Netherlands, although we stood a good 15 battles against the giant, we eventually were overrun. It is speculated that because of the effort of former ally Hungary (recently stepped out of PHOENIX) we didn't prevail. After East fell, the rest of our country was quickly wiped of the map. [5]
    • Later that month the Netherlands was able to reconquer Eastern Netherlands and Northern Netherlands through RW's[6]
    • Positive aspect of the wipe is that it resulted in that all parties were moved to Poland, thus creating the opportunity for the Dutch to only create 1 party for a period of time, in order to counter any future PTO's, which many parties had been suffering from the previous months.
  • February 2011
    • talks were started with the Polish on what terms the regions were maintained under Polish control. There were talks about the Polish hiring the Dutch regions.
  • March 2011
    • the New Polish CP decided they didn't want to pay rent for the Dutch regions, and conquered Eastern Netherlands for use of it's cattle.
      • Poland declared Netherlands Natural Enemy and wiped the Netherlands of the map for the second time.
        • Poland did pay 40 gold to recover the loss of the only political party
  • 25: a futile resistance war in Eastern Netherlands was attempt by Jamesw to get the regio out of the hands of Poland[7]

Serbia Passing through

February 2011

  • Serbia was planning to rent the region of East England from the British.
    • At first their plan was to pass through Belgium, but as soon as that got out, France (under influence from USA and PANAM) ceized the Belgium Territories
    • While Poland invaded the Netherlands, Serbia passed through the Netherlands to reach region of East England, after declaring us natural enemy, they wiped the Netherlands of the map.
      • Serbians were kind enough to pay for RW's and 40 gold in order to pay for the loss of the only political party.