New Era Times

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New Era Times

General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Owner Auk Rest
Founded June 2009
Subscribers 89
Articles 68
Content World Reporting

New Era Times is a newspaper created and owned by Auk Rest.


The New Era Times was founded in late 2009 under the management of Auk Rest in Helsinki, Finland. The newspaper published its maiden edition and was received rather well. It was not long though, until Auk emigrated to Canada and reopened the New Era Times to report in Canada instead. The Newspaper was then primarily used as a war reporting journal, with daily installments, before turning into a weekly paper. Occasionally, the newspaper offered some political insights, but for the most part the newspaper focused on war reporting. In December of 2010 Auk Rest closed down the New Era Times and wrote for The Canadian Progressive Front's paper for roughly a month. The New Era Times was closed and sat dormant for almost two years.

Two years later, in April of 2012, the New Era Times reopened its doors, this time in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Unlike its predecessor which reporting almost exclusively on wars, the reopened New Era Times focused primarily on political commentary, and articles were not as frequent as in the past. When Auk Rest was elected Party President of the Canadian Progressive Front, the New Era Times became the mouthpiece of the Party, printing off all the articles Auk had written as Party President. This continued until Auk Rest stepped down. New Era Times was briefly taken over by Halifax Media Company on December 28 of that year, but a week later, Auk changed his mind, mainly on the recommendation of his friend Yano Chichelin, and bought back the New Era Times. It is now used as a means of political commentary.


As it functions now, the New Era times reports mainly on political affairs in Canada, oftentimes dealing with the CPF and the activities of the Party. Auk Rest is not set on retiring war reporting, but he believes it would be a tough space to fill in competition with Shoi12 and his newspaper.