New United Slavs

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New United Slavs

Party-New United Slavs.png
General Information
Country Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic
Abbreviation NUS
Colors Light Blue
Founded July 2009
Dissolved October 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeds United Slavs
Succeeded By United Slavs
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian
Party-New United Slavs v2.png

The New United Slavs was a political party in the Czech Republic. It is the successor party to the United Slavs, one of the older parties of the Czech Republic which was taken over in July 2009. It was later succeeded again by the United Slavs, and had 7 members at the time.


The United Slavs party began in June 2008. Over a year afterwards, in the July 2009 elections, the party was taken over by a Polish group who gained control of the congress. After regaining control of the party after the TOers left, the former members of the US were divided. Carmen Polo, the party president, decided to rename the party Rainbow Alliance and create a new party for the Czech Republic. Those who wanted to keep the old United Slavs party active moved to one of the other Czech parties, and renamed it the New United Slavs, claiming to be the successors to the first party. This group was led by logamac, who became the first party president of the NUS.

The logo of the first United Slavs party, which features on the flag of the NUS


The PP of the New United Slavs, logamac, described what the NUS stood for:

What this party wants to achieve:

  • We will try a get more people in this country and more people means more businesses and the more made.
  • We will try a trade with other countries to get more money in the country.
  • We will make a corp. that will hold weapons for war and training and people in the army can get these weapons for free. With this we will get higher ranked citizens and we will be very strong.
  • The one thing we want to do is to make you life better.
  • We believe being neutral has advantages and we should decide after the war. If we join an alliance now we could face being ruled.

What the party will do:

  • We want to make a corp. that will hold weapons. This will make our country's military better.
  • We will try and get more people in this country; with more people this country’s economy and military will grow.
  • We want Czech Republic to trade as well and this will get more money into the country.
  • We will not join PEACE, EDEN or Fortis because at this time the war could go either way and we must not risk anything.
  • We will try and get more alliances. If this party gets voted in we will have a public discussion on who to be allies with.
  • This party has been made because I think we can be great and we will never let Czech Republic die.
  • Everyday will get better. This is what I promise to do is to make your life better and make this country the best it can be.
  • This party does not care if you are gay or straight, man or woman, black or white, as long as you are human.

Party Presidents

The following table lists the party presidents of the New United Slavs.

Term Party President
4 August - 27 September (est) logamac
27 September (est) - 14 October 2009 the_blasphemer (logamac resigned after congressional elections)


NUS Party Song