New Zealand/Government December 2010

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Ministry Position Minister Party
Office of the Prime Minister Prime Minister Don KronoX Party-Aotearoa.png A
Deputy reaktionaer -
Ministry of Finance Minister of Finance Darkmantle KSD.png KSD
Ministry of Trade Minister of Trade kurojca -
Ministry of Education Minister of Education Daniel Dodge Pnppfinal.jpg PnPP
Ministry of the Wiki Minister of the Wiki Thomas765 Pnppfinal.jpg PnPP
Deputy Alexander Janai Pnppfinal.jpg PnPP
Ministry of Communication Minister of Communication WelshLad Pnppfinal.jpg PnPP
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs deVillefort Pnppfinal.jpg PnPP
Ambassador to Phoenix Thomas765 Pnppfinal.jpg PnPP
Ministry of Internal Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs Vacant -
Ministry of Defence Minister of Defence IvanMiletic -
Ministry of Immigration Minister of Immigration Jockaye -